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unhuz 02-05-07 03:53 PM

Hi all!

Im kind of new to the oc scene but ive just bought a new pc and decided to try to give my hardware a push up until its safe or sane. :)
I have several questions that might have already been placed here. I searched and learned a lot but now i need to clarify some things.
First my setup:

E6300 running 300x7(2100Ghz - 28 idle/35 full gaming) 1200fsb
Abit AB9 1.6 bios (only bus speed is changed to 300)
1Gb DDR2 800mhz PC2-6400 (only one module)
80Gb SATA2

My first question is becuase i read that this cpu needs 2 ram slots populated so that the memory could work at full speed on bus. Is this correct? Because that crap about memory rate and bus rate/istructions per clock?

Another is about the graphics, i use forceware 91.36. I overclocked a litle and every option on drivers is enabled. I run a 17"lcd at 1280x1024x32.
Have you found this forceware version good? Earlier is better?

Last id love to know how far have people taken the E6300 and learn more on the options that the bios gives me to improove the speed. I tried to go to 2500ghz but it took a clear cmos to boot again. I only tried to make the but run faster.
I dont have much experience in this so even if i try to learn it myself its a bit too much info right now.

I cant complain as i play all games at 1280x1024x32 (at least the ones that go this high) and with everything at maximum in terms of video options (like 4xAA, 16xansiotropic, etc..) and i have a nice fluid experience. But i wanted to see how far i can get with my setup.
This graphic card is quite impressive and i believe on it.

I run SuperPI at 26s - 1M so you see why im kind of disapointed...
3dmark 05 gives me about 7100 (dont remember exactly) and today ill run 3dmark06.

I have a nice box with lots of potencial for cooling and i have 4 box fans right now. Hdd usually sits between 29-33, vga between 37 and 57 and cpu < 36 at full load on any game.

Someone? :) :captnkill:

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