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muzzol 02-06-07 05:55 AM

bookmarks for settings

im very happy with new dinamical support of external/secondary monitors but i must configure it everytime i connect something.

is there a way to remmeber used configurations?

for example, when i connect a projector to my laptop and i must launch nvidia-settings, click on detect, configure the projector, click apply and confirm the action. what about a bookmarks section?


netllama 02-06-07 11:40 AM

Re: bookmarks for settings
Is there a reason why you're not saving the X configuration to be used later?

muzzol 02-06-07 12:34 PM

Re: bookmarks for settings
yes, there's a lot of user cases that saving is not usefull.

first of all you need write access to xorg.conf file.

with my laptop i use my external vga output with different projectors with different settings (resolutions, location, etc). and i also use RGB output (svideo) with a little tv.

so if i write my conf to xorg.conf and i have any external monitor connected i get different behaviour.

i think it should be usefull to have a trayized app to quickly change between different settings. even without a little app like that it should be very usefull to have bookmarks for favorite settings.

netllama 02-06-07 12:41 PM

Re: bookmarks for settings
I'm still not clear why you can't create multiple metamodes that represent each of the configurations you wish to use.

Also, why can't you write the new xorg.conf ?

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