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Vantskruv 02-06-07 06:11 AM

NVIDIA! What are your plans for Linux!

In current I have a ATI X800XL card on my computer. I've been more into Linux lately because I like the OS very much, and also because of Windows Vista which seems to make it harder for software-developers (especially small ones) creating their applications to the public (no offense to DirectX and Microsoft's game-developement packs). I want more freedom on my computer, and it feels like Vista is not making it easier. Anyway, now to the point. I've noticed that the perfomence on my ATI-card is lesser when used in Linux than in Windows. I know it is the drivers that is bad, and ATI seems not to support Linux very well because of their un-optimized drivers (e.g. bad texture-quality in Quake4). I'm planning to buy a new graphics-card for now, and my thought's is to get a NVIDIA-card. The reason is it seems you have good support for your customers, and I hope you'll create good OPTIMIZED drivers for Linux, in the same class as for Windows. So, to the question, how is the performance in Linux compared to Windows? How well is OpenGL supported? Are you trying make the drivers as good as in Windows? Are you planning to skip Linux and put all your resources on Windows?

Convince me buying a NVIDIA-card and make me hope that you'll create drivers that works in the same performance as in Windows in OpenGL etc.


Edit: Sorry thought this was the official NVIDIA forum.:sry: :banghead:

Ikshaar 02-06-07 09:57 AM

Re: NVIDIA! What are your plans for Linux!
Well indeed this is not official nVidia forums, and some of your question are easily answered by looking for yourself on nVidia website for drivers...

User point of view, I switched from ATI to nVidia because of Linux 5 years ago. For example, a little bit later, nVidia released a 64bit beta driver for Linux when ATI was still saying that there was no need for a 64bits driver because Windows was not ready (that one really pissed me off). Anyway nVidia was years ahead of ATI on Linux support.

Is it perfect ? no, nothing is. But latest beta driver support for 8800 card was released at about same time as for Windows.

In our research labs, nVidia became default choice for all Linux machines so it just works. I think nVidia realized that and I doubt it will "skip" Linux support as you said any time soon considering the edge it has over ATI on that matter.

Now AMD might try to reduce the gap but it will take time.

PS: I am not saying ATI card are bad at all. ex-ATI fan of the Radeon AIW 8500.

kmare 02-06-07 11:56 AM

Re: NVIDIA! What are your plans for Linux!
well i was an ati fan myself.. yeeeears ago and i got disgusted by their linux support.. it's not even a joke... When i bought my nvidia i solved all of my problems. I use 3D for development, gaming, 3d composite effects on my desktop using beryl/compiz, etc. and everything is smooth, fast, stable. On gentoo the installation is so easy but afaik it's the same on other distros.. so you won't spend time trying to install the driver (like i did with the ati drivers). Performace with opengl is the same as in windows, so you won't miss much from the corresponding windows drivers. Releases are not that often, but i find the drivers pretty complete (maybe missing a few small things) that i don't mind. With new graphics cards you usually get new drivers as well.. and no, i really don't see nvidia dropping support for linux. Too many companies need/want those drivers...

NightOwl 02-06-07 01:06 PM

Re: NVIDIA! What are your plans for Linux!
I've been using their drivers for 5 years now, starting with AGP-based cards. My current card in the notebook is PCI Express based and lightning fast with the driver. My Gnome session is fast on a 1920x1200 screen and DVDs through Totem and MPlayer play flawlessly. NWN runs fine and without screen glitches (on the current release) although occasionally a driver release will introduce a small bug.

All-in-all NVidia are much better than ATI in terms of Linux support and their stuff just works (previous drivers are usally available if you need to roll back). :)

Vantskruv 02-06-07 02:24 PM

Re: NVIDIA! What are your plans for Linux!
It's nice to hear that OpenGL perfomance is the same as in Windows, if it's true. I've been waiting for the ATI R600 card, because actually I'm a ATI fan. But NVIDIA feels more support-friendly and serious about other users than Windows. Thanks for the optimistic answers!


Ikshaar 02-06-07 04:18 PM

Re: NVIDIA! What are your plans for Linux!

Originally Posted by Vantskruv
Thanks for the optimistic answers!

LOL, remember that you just asked that in a nVidia Linux forums !! I am sure you might get other answer in an ATI forums ;)

Lithorus 02-06-07 04:56 PM

Re: NVIDIA! What are your plans for Linux!

Originally Posted by Ikshaar
LOL, remember that you just asked that in a nVidia Linux forums !! I am sure you might get other answer in an ATI forums ;)

Actually, no. They will tell you the same thing. Not kidding...

I'm a regular reader of the rage3d linux section and they will deffinately not tell you that the ATI drivers are as troublefree as the Nvidia drivers and have the same performance as the Windows counterpart.

Giblet535 02-12-07 03:56 PM

Re: NVIDIA! What are your plans for Linux!
I spend 85% of my time in Linux, running Beryl-svn with Avant and Kiba. The nvidia driver support is better than "good".

Beryl is not exactly stable software, but I have very few problems that last more than a day before one of the Beryl folks corrects it. And, it kicks Aero's backside from a thousand angles at one.

This is posted from my development machine (Ubuntu/8800GTX w/EK waterblock/9746 driver). See how fast it displayed on your end? ;)

I can boot Ubuntu Edgy, Suse 10, Redhat EL4, Vista Ultimate, or XP. I stick mostly to Ubuntu because it provides the best of everything. I run Windows only when I need to test something that requires a non-virtual Windows environment. I even play the linux UT2004 from Ubuntu without any problems.

What's not to like?

squeen 02-13-07 04:34 AM

Re: NVIDIA! What are your plans for Linux!
I've had nothing but disappointing results developing high-performance OpenGL apps using ATI cards (both on Linux and OS X). ATI seems to care little for OpenGL developers. nVidia on Linux is driving all of our computer purchases these days.

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