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DArvidson 02-06-07 12:37 PM

stereo with nvidia quadro4 900 XGL (NV28GL) card
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I can't get stereo to sync properly. The stereo image keeps switching

Tyan Tiger 133 (S1834), dual PIII (VIA 133A chipset)
BIOS AGP4X off, Manual BB

nvidia quadro4 900 XGL (NV28GL) card
twinview with dual IBM P260 monitors (1600x1200).
I have been using option AGP "0" in xorg.conf due to
stability problems.

Ubuntu dapper 6.0-6 LTS
I have searched for answers on the internet. This led me to switch to
the 1.0-9631 driver. It didn't help.

Do you have a work-around for this? I want to use this workstation to
run coot and pymol for x-ray crystallography.



netllama 02-06-07 02:28 PM

Re: stereo with nvidia quadro4 900 XGL (NV28GL) card
Please note that stereo is handled in software for all GPUs earlier than G7x. Thus, the behavior that you're reporting is possible when using older/slower hardware .

However, I have a few questions:
0) When you state that the stereo "image keeps switching hand" do you mean that each eye is out of sync or something else?
1) Does this problem persist if you do not set NvAGP to 0 or are not using Twinview?
2) Does this problem persist if you're not running VMWare?
3) Does this require a specific pymol dataset to reproduce?


DArvidson 02-06-07 04:40 PM

Re: stereo with nvidia quadro4 900 XGL (NV28GL) card
By switching hand I mean switching between mirror images (like left hand to right hand). I'm looking at a protein structure with pymol or coot and seeing the amino acids switch beteen D and L stereoisomers.

The problem persists when VMWare is off and when NvAGP is 0 or 2. It happens with all protein structures that I've tested with both pymol and coot. I need to test the effect of turning twinview off.

netllama 02-06-07 04:43 PM

Re: stereo with nvidia quadro4 900 XGL (NV28GL) card
So you're stating that you're seeing the left & right eye images inverted?

Please point me to a dataset which reproduces this problem.


DArvidson 02-07-07 08:55 AM

Re: stereo with nvidia quadro4 900 XGL (NV28GL) card
I am using a NuVision 60GX with the emitter plugged into the nV card. The left and right eye images are changing back and forth so that some of the time the image I'm supposed to see with my left eye is being shown to my right eye (and vice versa).

Here is a link to a tutorial on amino acid stereoisomers

I have also attached a pdb file for a protein structure.

DArvidson 02-07-07 10:08 AM

Re: stereo with nvidia quadro4 900 XGL (NV28GL) card
1 Attachment(s)
Here is a small pdb file.

The problem still happens when twinview is not used.

netllama 02-07-07 12:27 PM

Re: stereo with nvidia quadro4 900 XGL (NV28GL) card
I've got this model loaded in pymol. What are the steps required to reproduce the problem?

DArvidson 02-07-07 12:34 PM

Re: stereo with nvidia quadro4 900 XGL (NV28GL) card
Display - stereo mode - quad buffered stereo

The problem happens whenever I use the shutter glasses. You can also see the problem without the glasses as the protein structure "shudders".

DArvidson 02-08-07 11:32 AM

Re: stereo with nvidia quadro4 900 XGL (NV28GL) card
It appears that I may have the problem described in this post:

"The image appears in stereo on screen and the emitter led lights when stereo is turned on, but the emitter is out of sync. When viewed through stereo glasses, the picture flickers badly and the stereo effect is way off."

It is fixed by using the a patched 7676 driver with kernel 2.6.16 as described here:

Will this work with kernel 2.6.15 (Ubuntu dapper drake, 6.06 LTS)? It apparently didn't work for funkenstein using 2.6.15-20-k7. Is the failure due to the k7 processor or due to the kernel version?
Is there a better solution? Should I upgrade to edgy or switch to fedora or centos? Do you have any suggestions?

DArvidson 02-08-07 01:40 PM

Re: stereo with nvidia quadro4 900 XGL (NV28GL) card
gdm won't start with patched 7676 driver.
gdm won't start with the 7184 driver (or 9746 - non-legacy).

netllama 02-09-07 06:18 PM

Re: stereo with nvidia quadro4 900 XGL (NV28GL) card
I'm afraid that I'm not having any success reproducing this problem. I've loaded the model you attached with a Quadro4 900 XGL card using 1.0-9631, and I'm not seeing any sync problems. The molecule renders in stereo throughout. Perhaps I'm not understanding the problem?

DArvidson 02-12-07 09:04 AM

Re: stereo with nvidia quadro4 900 XGL (NV28GL) card
Hi Lonni,

I tried to force the use of the NvAGP module by blacklisting agpgart and via_agp. The NvAGP module wouldn't load. Insted I get agpgart (but not via_agp). I then set AGP to 0 and still get agpgart loaded. I guess because the nvidia kernel module needs it even though AGP is disabled. The via_agp module does not seem to be needed.

Are you using Ubutu dapper 6.06? If you are then I guess the problem is specific to my hardware. I don't have time to test anything else for now but when I get more time I'll try using the card in two other machines.

1) Also Ubuntu 6.06 but a dual athlon insted of a dual PIII.

2) Another dual athlon but runnig fedora core 3.

That should help to narrow down whether it is a hardware or a software problem. I'll post the results here.

Thank you for looking into it.

Best Wishes,


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