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Kruno 03-11-03 10:26 PM

MikeC, are you also going to show us results at 640x480?
There are games I love playing at the res. :)

netviper13 03-11-03 10:47 PM

Totally man, how about some original Quake benchies too! ;)

poursoul 03-11-03 11:42 PM

if he were to do the timerefresh where would be the best place for it?

Don't fear the shambler.

Kruno 03-12-03 12:24 AM

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Quake rules. :)

MikeC 03-12-03 10:39 AM

I can't recall the last time I used 640x480. But I do remember that everthing looked really big on a 21-inch monitor :)

Come to think of it, 640x480 would be a good choice for testing UT2003 on mid-range and low-end cards.

As for multi-player Quake, nothing has come close to the rush I had back then. A local ISP (VisiNet) ran a server and I played there almost every day for two years! One weekend, about 20 of us got together for pizza and we had players ranging from 12 to 52 years old.

We eventually started a clan called Deadly Rage and I finally made it in Clan DMOS towards the end of my playing career. Those guys really kicked ass!

ragejg 03-12-03 11:36 AM

That rez and 8x6 would be great so players can see how thing would go using tv out (=me)... I do a lotta tweaking w/tvout, cuz you get "free" aa :). right now i have my buddies duron 1k with my GF4 ti4200 and at lunch I played UT2k3 @ 8x6, no AA, 4xAF, all fx @ highest... decent fames, but I don't have FRAPS... somewhere around 48-65... darn duron/sdram...

digitalwanderer 03-12-03 11:45 AM

You know what you should REALLY bench?
Doom, the original. I haven't seen ANYONE do that in a review yet....

(Hey, how's about DukeNukemForever on a GF FX Ultra? A game that doesn't exist reviewed on a card that doesn't exist.... :lol: )

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