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warzer 02-07-07 04:22 AM

8800gts/x and HDCP?
Do they finally actually have the chip to make it compatable with blueray/hddvd? or are they all still hdcp ready and just misleading me? was browsing newegg and saw several models with hdcp listed in there titles.

also i noticed the interface is dvi-i isn't that the analogue one? or is the the composit one with both analogue/digital in one?

i plan on running a hdmi cable with dvi converter to my hdmi projector for hd movies and such, and soon hopefully an hddvd or blueray player in my pc.


Ancient 02-07-07 09:46 AM

Re: 8800gts/x and HDCP?
The 8800 series have fully implemented HDCP. Playing HD DVD titles from a PC (using the 360 HD DVD player) works fine through DVI-->HDMI if you've got everything set up to PowerDVD's liking. At this time though the player software is not ready for prime time. An update to PowerDVD is supposed to be released shortly (supposedly on the 9th or 10th) to address the problems it has.

The DVI port is DVI-I, which is the composite one - both analog and digital.

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