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DaWanderer 02-07-07 02:36 PM

FC6 GeForce 420MX TV Out Picture Scaling
Hello everyone,

I'm setting up a PVR box with MythTV and trying to get the TV Out portion working correctly (everything else has gone well).

I'm using a GeForce 420MX card with S-Video out going directly into my TV. I've installed the NVidia drivers (9631) and configured my xorg.conf with the appropriate settings. The TV Out works, but the picture is being scaled and it results in very poor quality. Specifically, the picture is compressed, causing pieces of the text to be missing or images to be pixelated. It looks as though the card is scaling it to the wrong resolution.

I've spent a great deal of time trying to fix it (I wouldn't bother everyone if I hadn't!), so here are the things I do know:

* If I switch out of X into a console (CTRL-ALT-F1, etc.), the text looks PERFECT. The picture is in the correct spot and the correct size.

* After trying various resolutions in my xorg.conf, I discovered that 720x480 (NTSC) looks the best (although text is still generally unreadable).

* If I set the resolution to 720x480, start up X, switch to a console (CTRL-ALT-F1, etc.), and then switch back to X, the picture is crystal clear but is now partially off the screen (everything got bigger).

* If I use the switching technique above and then run the NVidia Settings program, everything squishes back down and looks awful again.

* Taking a snapshot (using KSnapshot) of the screen produces an 800x600 file that looks just fine (no distortion).

I've looked up the various xorg.conf settings and tried most all of them individually (as well as trying all of the options in the NVidia Settings program). Specifically I've tried the "TVOverscan", "TVOutFormat", "ConnectedMonitor", "UseEdidDpi", and "TVStandard" options.

Looking through my Xorg.0.log file, I don't see any errors or anything that jumps out at me. The driver picks up my options, sets the mode I give it, and goes on it's way like everything's fine.

Are there any other options to try? Is there any more information I can give to help in anyone's responses?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

cheesemp 02-09-07 07:54 PM

Re: FC6 GeForce 420MX TV Out Picture Scaling
I to am having the same problem. The display almost looks interlaced but it makes it almost unreadable except when font levels are really large. I'd guess certain lines are not be displayed but i've no idea why. Its better at low res, large font size but its still really hard to use - as you can see from my spelling mistakes!!

I was previously running FC5 with atrpms prebuilt nvidia drivers. This worked correctly and was really nice output. I've just upgraded to FC6 and built my own version of the nvidia drivers. I have a GF4 420MX as well.

I am running driver 9631.

If anyone could help and get my mythbox up to scratch again it would be great - I'm really missing it now!

DaWanderer 02-10-07 02:44 AM

Re: FC6 GeForce 420MX TV Out Picture Scaling
1 Attachment(s)
My problem has been fixed (sort of). I decided to go with one of the Myth-centered distributions to see if it would help. KnoppMyth worked just fine (X display came out great), but I'm more familiar with Fedora, so I tried MythDora.

There's a selection screen in MythDora that asks which kind of video driver to install during setup. When I chose the "Newer Nvidia Card" option, the display came out the same (messed up). When I chose the "Older Nvidia Card" option, the display came out perfect.

Upon further inspection, it looks like MythDora installed the 8776 version of the driver. Perhaps there's something different from the 9631 driver. I've also uploaded the xorg.conf that was generated by MythDora for reference.

It's working now, so I don't plan to mess with it much. If anyone needs me to gather some more info about my system, please reply to the thread and I'll get back to you.

cheesemp 02-10-07 06:56 PM

Re: FC6 GeForce 420MX TV Out Picture Scaling
Thanks. That ties in with what i'm seeing. Got my mythbox setup just as I want so I don't really want to reinstall anything. I guess i'll just have to wait and see if they fix it a new driver or maybe try and revert it when I have some spare time.

bugmeplz 02-12-07 12:29 AM

Re: FC6 GeForce 420MX TV Out Picture Scaling
Having the same problem. S-Video TV out went from just fine under the 8xxx nvidia-glx that's in Edgy to absolutely atrocious with the 9xxx nvidia-glx in Feisty. As described by others here, it's horribly interlaced. Nothing in nvidia-settings makes it any better, though with the overscan control I can make it look a little different, but definitely not acceptable no matter what I adjust.

I have seen this behaviour before, when I installed the beta 9xxx drivers in Edgy - I quickly ditched them and went back to 8xxx when I couldn't fix the screwy interlacing in the TV output. I kinda thought they'd have fixed this by now - I really hope they're working on it, as the TV-out is pretty useless in this state. Since I'm using NTSC, I don't know if PAL output is similarly afflicted.

Kubuntu Feisty
nvidia-glx 1.0.9631+
Geforce 4 MX-440 SE
NTSC S-Video output

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