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tesno2 02-07-07 03:21 PM

Some OpenGL apps show blank screen
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I'm having problems with the 9631 driver on OpenSuSE 10.2.

3D apps like glxgears, BZFlag, Trackballs run fine.
Chromium, Xmoto and Quake II all show a blank screen when they run. The app is running - I have keyboard control and can Quit out of the game, but I get no video in the window of the game or I get a blank screen if it is fullscreen and I have to switch to a console and kill the app.

Nvidia driver 8774 works fine for all the games but the fonts look super ugly on Suse 10.2 so I would like to get this resolved.

OpenSuse 10.2, Nvidia legacy driver 9631, Onboard GeForce4 MX 32MB.

I tried disabling all of the following but no luck:

Any ideas on why certain games were fine on 8774 but not on 9631?



torhne 02-24-07 09:45 PM

Re: Some OpenGL apps show blank screen
i am having the same problem as well, if you have had any luck with it, you should let me know

tesno2 03-12-07 09:42 PM

Re: Some OpenGL apps show blank screen
I used the 7184 drivers here:
and OpenGL works fine now.
And fonts look nice in X.org 7.1.

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