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superklye 02-08-07 11:59 AM

Oppo Digital DV-981HD
Anyone here using it? Seems to be the SD DVD upconvert player to own and I love that it plays DivX (including 6)/XviD files as well as SACDs (I have a few that I've never been able to enjoy in 5.1 because I lack a player).

I'm curious about loading times especially. If it's lightening quick, I'll really consider grabbing this for use as my primary SD DVD player, putting the A2 aside as a backup SD DVD player and primary/only HD DVD player in my room (360 addon is in the living room).

Anyone here use it? I've done some reading at AVS, but the thread has almost 4000 replies. :o

MustangSVT 02-08-07 12:37 PM

Re: Oppo Digital DV-981HD
I've got the 971. It's pretty nice. I like that it plays DVD-Audio (I have 3 of these), and it's region free (have some Hong Kong DVDs) and it converts PAL to NTSC on the fly very well (I have quite a few PAL dvds). That and its a good upconverter.

If you already have the Toshiba HD-A2, I don't suggest the Oppo player. From what I know, the A1 was better than the Oppo 971, so if that's anything to go by, the A2 is probably just as good or bit better than the 981.

The only reason I got my 971 is because I needed a new DVD player and for the price I got it ($199) it did everything I wanted, good scaler for upconverting, convert Pal to ntsc, play XviD, have firmware updates, play DVD Audio. It plays XviDs really well by the way.

My only gripe with the 971 is that it only remembers to resume for 1 DVD. I'm not sure if the 981 is the same.

superklye 02-08-07 12:46 PM

Re: Oppo Digital DV-981HD
Nice, thanks for the input. :)

The main reason I want it is for DivX/XviD playback (I have tons of TV shows I’d love to watch but hate watching on my computer, even with the 3007 because I don’t have a remote for pausing/fastforwarding/volume/etc) and the ability to play SACDs. The fact it upconverts is just a bonus.

Plus, it’d be nice to take some strain off the A2…I’d hate for it to burn out, even with my 4-year service plan.

How are load times for DVDs as well as for DivX/XviD files on your 971?

saturnotaku 02-09-07 09:29 AM

Re: Oppo Digital DV-981HD
Slightly OT - the A2 HD DVD player can upconvert SD DVDs?

superklye 02-09-07 09:53 AM

Re: Oppo Digital DV-981HD

Originally Posted by saturnotaku
Slightly OT - the A2 HD DVD player can upconvert SD DVDs?

Oh yes...and it does so magnificently.

I'm just a tad worried I may burn it out by using it so much. :o

I'd only really consider getting the Oppo if i could find it for quite a bit less than $200 (currently on Amazon for $230).

saturnotaku 02-09-07 10:17 AM

Re: Oppo Digital DV-981HD

Oh yes...and it does so magnificently.
Awesome. My original plan was to get the 360 add-on to complement the PS3. But I will most definitely get an A2 or whatever Toshiba player is out when I buy my new HT setup later this year. :D

superklye 02-09-07 10:26 AM

Re: Oppo Digital DV-981HD
Very nice. If you can get an A2 for less than $400 (they were recently as low as $365 shipped on Amazon), I say go for it. Otherwise, the A20 should be out "soon" and it's got everything the A2 has PLUS 1080p output.


It'll MSRP at $599.99 though. :o

saturnotaku 02-09-07 11:57 AM

Re: Oppo Digital DV-981HD
To be honest, I'm really considering going all out and picking up the XA2. As I won't be buying anything until at least late September, I'm hoping the price will have come down a bit by then.

superklye 02-09-07 12:00 PM

Re: Oppo Digital DV-981HD
Do it man!

The XA2 has the Silicon Optix ReonVZ chip onboard for it's upconverting needs and produces amazing HQV. Plus, it's got 1080p, analog audio-out (to get TrueHD and DTS-MA even if your receiver doesn't have HDMI-in) and all the other features of the A2.

You can get them as low as $800 now, so hopefully by September the XA3 will be out or announced and the price will be substantially lower. Hell, I kind of want to sell my A2 and get an XA2 now.

saturnotaku 02-09-07 01:21 PM

Re: Oppo Digital DV-981HD
I've been reading the reviews on the XA2 and it's a heck of a player. It'll be a nice addition. I hope upscaled anime DVDs look good. :o

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