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six_storm 02-08-07 02:34 PM

Linux server - LCD TV?
Hello all. I just ordered a DVI to HDMI cable in order to hook my Linux server up to my LCD TV instead of using an old 15" CRT in the floor. Now is this going to work from the get go? Or do I need to configure anything before I hook everything up? Just wondering, Linux can surprise me sometimes. :D

six_storm 02-11-07 01:38 AM

Re: Linux server - LCD TV?
Anybody? Oh well, thanks anyways. :rolleyes:

six_storm 02-13-07 01:40 AM

Re: Linux server - LCD TV?
Ok, I can't get Ubuntu to recognize the TV period via DVI. I tried enabling TwinView but that only screwed with my VGA CRT. Any ideas?

netllama 02-13-07 11:47 AM

Re: Linux server - LCD TV?

six_storm 02-13-07 03:15 PM

Re: Linux server - LCD TV?

Originally Posted by netllama

Well, sorry for not posting the NVIDIA log file. With Linux, anything is possible and I thought it was a simple case of enable/disable. I'll get a copy of that when I get a chance, I've got a C++ and Java program hanging over my head ATM.

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