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rincebrain 02-09-07 01:15 PM

Screen misaligns sometimes after suspend
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Sometimes, after suspending to RAM and resuming, X will operate perfectly fine for a period, then the screen will realign itself such that it thinks the left bound of the screen is approximately an inch to the left of the display's actual edge. The cursor, at this time, acts as though the screen is not misaligned, and clicking on the place the button should be causes the display to react appropriately in the misaligned area.

The attached screenshots show what X thinks it sees vs. what actually is occurring, as well as an nvidia-bug-report.log. The key point is that the screenshot shows that X thinks nothing is amiss, whereas the camera's picture demonstrates what's actually happening.

As the nvidia-bug-report.log probably notes, I'm using driver 9746 on x86, and my kernel options have quiet and splash removed, and vga=normal.

Edit: Also, problem is cleared if one switches to an actual TTY and returns to X (e.g. Ctrl-Alt-F1 then Ctrl-Alt-F7).

This, unfortunately, presumes another nvidia driver bug (switching to TTY sometimes causes machine to hardlock when using nvidia driver) isn't occurring. :)

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