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Cheyenne 02-11-07 09:21 AM

84.21 won't recognize my 6200 LE
I am having trouble with my 6200 LE getting drivers to load. The drivers that I need to get rid of the graphic gliches in the games are the 84.21 but they don't recognize that I have any compatible hardware. Has anyone else had any trouble like this, or does anyone know how to fix it? I have the 84.56 installed now but those don't fix the problem.

rewt 02-11-07 10:06 PM

Re: 84.21 won't recognize my 6200 LE
You could try using the modded install file (inf) from laptopvideo2go.com


If that doesn't work then it's likely 84.21 do not support your card. NVIDIA drivers are mostly backwards compatible, not forwards compatible.

i.e. you cant run Forceware 53.03 on a Geforce 8800, but you can run Geforce 8800 drivers on a Geforce 6.

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