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phi 02-11-07 02:04 PM

Black Screen Boot Issue
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I'm relatively new to Linux and I'm having an issue booting into my OS after installing the new (9746) version of the nVidia driver (I get a black screen). I've attached my nvidia-bug-report log, any insight would be greatly appreciated.


phi 02-11-07 02:19 PM

Re: Black Screen Boot Issue
Also, I'm not sure if it's the problem, but I was getting an ACPI exception error in my xconf log so I tried modifying my boot sequence with pci=biosirq, noapic, acpi=off, and pci=noacpi -- none made any difference.

phi 02-11-07 08:52 PM

Re: Black Screen Boot Issue
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Re-installed the nvidia driver, still having the same issue (no signal to monitor, but I hear the drums)-- it seems to be having a hard time selecting the correct resolution and it settles on a resolution (640x480) that my monitor can't display -- I disabled EDID and that didn't do anything. I'm really losing my mind here, so any guidance you may have would mean a ton to me.

I've attached the updated nvidia bug log.


AaronP 02-12-07 04:26 AM

Re: Black Screen Boot Issue
Your first log didn't make it past starting GLX. Your second log was more promising, but was hobbled by the "UseEDID" "False" option. Please remove that option, start X with the startx -- -logverbose 6 command, and then generate and post the resulting bug report.

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