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mullet 02-11-07 05:36 PM

E6600 @ 3.4
I tryed about everything but this is as far as I have gone to keep the temps under 55c under a load.

I tryed:
Sandra & Super PI
7 x 400 = 2.8
MEM = 6452
CPU = 25895
S-PI = 18s

7 x 450 = 3.15
MEM = 7220
CPU = 28933
S-PI = 16s

8 x 425 = 3.4 < good temps with orthos @54c
MEM = 6971
CPU = 31393
S-PI = 15s

8 x 450 = 3.6 @ 1.55v Temps with orthos @69c
MEM = 7365
CPU = 33188
S-PI = 14s

6 x 500 = 3.0
MEM = 7599
CPU = 27671
S-PI = 16s


Xion X2 02-11-07 08:34 PM

Re: E6600 @ 3.4
[Edit: Sorry, didn't see that you had ran Orthos. Your temps are pretty good.]

mullet 02-11-07 08:42 PM

Re: E6600 @ 3.4
I ran Orthos for 3 hours today. I couldn't keep it under 64c & 73c @ 3.6. I admit im a Intel OC noob.

mullet 02-11-07 08:53 PM

Re: E6600 @ 3.4
I read as much as I can but im sure im not using the full load of the memory I have. Im running the ram @ 4-4-4-12 now and the cpu multi is at 8 x 425 1:1.

Xion X2 02-11-07 09:00 PM

Re: E6600 @ 3.4
Some chips are better than others. I know that mine's very average. I'm stress-testing it again right now for the first time since I added my 2nd GTX and I'm having to feed 1.475v just to get her to 3.5 stable.

But your temps sound decent. You'll probably want to keep your FSB @ 400 or under on your P5B. It has a chipset strap which loosens up timings once you go over that and decreases overall performance slightly. So go with a higher multiplier if you can.

The issue was covered in great detail here:

Roadhog 02-11-07 09:21 PM

Re: E6600 @ 3.4
lucky you, I need 1.6v just to hit 3.4ghz

mullet 02-11-07 10:52 PM

Re: E6600 @ 3.4

Originally Posted by Roadhog
lucky you, I need 1.6v just to hit 3.4ghz

I have about 60% knowledge on what im doing lol.
ram 425x8 1:1 @ 850Mhz 4-4-4-12 <just changed that from 5-5-5-15
cpu multi = 8
Vcore = 1.4
ram = auto
Nb = stock not auto/ lowest volts
SB = stock not auto/ lowest volts
Bios 1004

I can run 3.6 450x8 1:1 @ 900Mhz ( 5-5-5-15 ) but the Vcore @ 1.53 but my temps at idle are 38 to 41 and at load there 64 to 73 which I do not like at all. I ran orthos for 1hr and with errors. I guess for air this is it for me.

Xion X2 02-12-07 06:38 AM

Re: E6600 @ 3.4

Originally Posted by Roadhog
lucky you, I need 1.6v just to hit 3.4ghz

Yeah, it sucks.. especially when you've invested so much in water, but oh well. Luck of the draw.

And it turned out she failed dual Prime after about 30 mins on 1.475 so I had to increase to 1.5v to be stable at 3.5gHz. Now, she appears to be stable at 1.55v @ 3.6gHz.

Roch 02-12-07 09:17 AM

Re: E6600 @ 3.4
Sounds identical to my best, 3.6@1.55, (12 hours Orthos stable). If I keep the radiator's fan at 12v then I can keep the load to low 50's, at 5v it tips over 60...I'm thinking of investing in a larger Rad and perhaps lapping the CPU.

Dr.Nick 02-12-07 11:58 AM

Re: E6600 @ 3.4
Better cooling might help out a bit; the 9700 is not that great once you start to raise the voltage. There are much better, cheaper, and quieter heatsinks. With a Scythe Infinity I have never broken 54c @ 1.5v and its a lot quieter than a Zalman. Worth looking in to if you are want to OC a little more or lower temps

Also for my 6600 I have found 400x9 to be the best all around for speed and rock solid stability:)

mullet 02-12-07 12:18 PM

Re: E6600 @ 3.4

Originally Posted by slaWter
Looks good man, temps and vcore are not bad at all compared to my E6600.

Thanks man, I ran orthos for 4 hours and the higest temp I got was 55. Im ok with that.

I ran sisoftsandra again with 4-4-4-12 and got this.

8 x 425 = 3.4
MEM = 7117
CPU = 31393
Super PI = 14s

Dr.Nick I will try 400x9 and see what I get.

I also have a hand held thermal meter and during orthos I put it up against both NB & SB HS and the top temp was 102F, I ordered 2 40mm blue led fans 5cfm each ill mount on both chipset HS's. The one thing I don't under is asus probe 2 has the cpu @ 34c idle but Core Temp beta has each core @ 23c each. I based my temps off asus probe 2 cause that was the higest temp so I went with that.

SlieTheSecond 02-12-07 12:59 PM

Re: E6600 @ 3.4
Asus Probe rarely reports the correct temperatures.
Go by either Core Temp or TAT. (Intel's Thermal Analysis Tool)

They read directly from the digital sensor in each core of the cpu.

I've had PC Probe shows +/-10c or more which was incorrect.

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