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Resurrection 02-14-07 12:26 AM

X locks starting-9746+glx+FX 5500 PCI
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I currently have a working Ubuntu install with my FX 5500 PCI card including Gnome working with Beryl and 3d effects. So I am quite sure that my hardware is good. Recently did a Gentoo install on a separate hard drive. For Gentoo, X won't start properly no matter what drivers I use (either those from their Portage tree) or self installed 9746 drivers. Correction, everything starts and works correctly as long as I have "glx" commented out in xorg.conf. When it is uncommented, I get a locked system in which not even ctrl+alt+backspace nor ctrl+alt+function keys work. Only option then is a hard restart.

Came here, because folks on Gentoo forums were at a loss.

I think I have a kernel problem because I never had this problem with my hardware setup before, the only thing that has changed is the distro, and subsequently the kernel build. Have built kernels before, but maybe I forgot something this time?

startx -- -logverbose 6 gives nothing other than an error about not being able to load GLX, which makes sense as it is commented out.

Bug report follows:Attachment 24047

netllama 02-14-07 11:42 AM

Re: X locks starting-9746+glx+FX 5500 PCI
Other than the large number of version magic errors for your kernel modules, I don't see anything obvious in your bug report.

Have you tried running the Ubuntu kernel in Gentoo (or vice versa) to isolate whether its actually the kernel that is at fault?


Resurrection 02-14-07 04:06 PM

Re: X locks starting-9746+glx+FX 5500 PCI
Tried to swap the ubuntu kernel into gentoo. That doesn't even boot properly. I think rather than worrying about how to make that work I am going to custom compile a vanilla kernel paying close attention to the options I include and see how that works. Will post back with my results. Any particular options I should look for to make this work? I know not to use the Riva or TNT options.

Resurrection 02-14-07 09:03 PM

Re: X locks starting-9746+glx+FX 5500 PCI
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Compiled a vanilla 2.6.20 kernel and tried again. Same result. As long as glx is commented out in xorg.conf, everything works fine. As soon as I try with it uncommented, hard lock occurs.

New Bug report:

Attachment 24057

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