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Monkyeman 02-18-07 09:24 AM

I know there is a separate thread for your results, but mine is more of a question.

I scored 1913 on the 3DMark06 test (The free version).

Why did I score so low?

My specs:

Pentium D CPU 3.2GHZ

2.00 GB Ram

Nvidia GeForce 7600GS

It is a fairly new system. It can run Company of Heroes on maxed out settings fine, so why were all the tests slow, juddery and had pathetic frame rates?
Surely my system should have scored higher?

SlieTheSecond 02-18-07 10:21 AM

Re: Results
What are you individual scores?

For comparison sakes.
My 8800 GTS and E6400 at stock speeds scores around 6000.
So I don't think your score is low.

7600gs is kinda low end. And after a quick google it scores 2000 vs a 7600gt scoring 3000 on an amd FX-57.

SLippe 02-18-07 02:37 PM

Re: Results
I think you are right on par. My old 5950 Ultra used to score 1503 on High Performance settings. Is your score with max settings in the control panel or is everything turned down/off? My scores are in my signature.

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