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SlieTheSecond 02-18-07 12:03 PM

ATI Tools vs Core Temp
Anyone find ATI Tools to conflict with core temp?

I was doing an orthos test.
Core 1: 59c
Core 2: 58c

Then while that was still running I ran the artifact test with ATI tools. Instantly my core temps went down to
Core 1: 58c
Core 2: 54c

As soon as I closed the artifact scanner my core temps jump right back to what they where.

Any reason why this would happen?

Xion X2 02-18-07 12:12 PM

Re: ATI Tools vs Core Temp
The CPU isn't stressed as much on the artifact scanner. It probably broke away from Orthos to run it on one core or something.

SLippe 02-18-07 02:35 PM

Re: ATI Tools vs Core Temp
Yeah, I'd think that the GPU is taking the brunt of the work at that point.

SlieTheSecond 02-18-07 03:30 PM

Re: ATI Tools vs Core Temp
So even tho orthos is running. And putting full loads on both cores. When I run artifact scanner for the gpu. It somehow takes away the load that orthos is putting on my cpu?

I don't get that. I mean orthos has a full load on the cpu. So anything else you do would go ontop of that full load, not decrease it.
Unless ATI Tools intercepts the load coming from orthos and decreases it.

Should I not end up with a Full Load on both cores and a Full Load on the gpu. I don't see how the gpu would take the core load and run it.

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