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samurai6 02-18-07 01:05 PM

Blank screen problems again...
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Ok, I've usually been able to fix this, but I've hit a brick wall. After a system crash, I re-installed everything, and Xorg no longer works with the Nvidia binaries.

The system is running on Gentoo AMD64 SMP.
1- Opteron 2212
GFX card is a Quadro FX-560
Tyan ht-2000 motherboard

The only things I can think of that are different from the last setup are the kernel version, and the gcc version. I was using the 9746 drivers before sucessfully. Since, I have tried different kernels, up to 2.6-19, and down to the current 2.6-17-r6. This is really frustrating!

I have tried almost every option in my Xorg.conf file in regards to the video card, and have tried multiple resolutions, hsync, vsync, etc settings, either from my monitor's manual, or the settings given to my by the nv driver.

The stock nv driver works fine with my system.

I have the latest bios update for my motherboard (Tyan ht-2000) and everything else works like it should.

What really stumps me is the only errors reported in Xorg.log are "error recovery failed ***aborting***" I get warnings for ACPI and the like, but that has always been the case. I also get " The NVIDIA X driver has encountered too many errors. Falling back to legacy PCI mode", which is curious, because there are NO ERRORS!

Attached is the nvidia-bug-report.log.

:surrender Has anyone else run into this? I can't be the only one!

netllama 02-19-07 03:52 PM

Re: Blank screen problems again...
We ran into this issue a few months ago, and the investigation pointed to a bug in the motherboard BIOS. You'll need to contact Tyan to have this resolved.


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