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chrisr 08-18-02 07:25 AM

how to boot SuSe 8.0 to console?
Okay, I'm a newbie :D

I'm trying to install new nVidia drivers per the "Unofficial nVidia HOWTO [RPM version]" and obviously I have to exit X and KDM to a console (or boot SuSe 8.0 to the console).

How :confused:

Thunderbird 08-18-02 10:44 AM

To switch to a simple console while in X, just do "ctrl-alt-f2" (or another number >1 and < 7), to switch back to X replace f2 with f7.

mtrr 08-18-02 10:52 AM

edit /etc/inittab and change the default runlevel to a non graphical (dunno about suse 8.0, but should be 2).
look for a line which is like this one: "id:2:initdefault:"

issue (as root) "init 2", and there you are!


Thunderbird 08-18-02 02:27 PM

Not all distro's use the same runtime level stuff. On my debian system 2 even starts X. On RH/MDK 3 has no X and 5 has allways X ....

To boot using a specific runtime level do something like this during lilo bootup: linux 2 to start level 2.

mtrr 08-18-02 05:06 PM

on SuSE 8.0 2 or 3 are okay (2 if you don't have remote filesystems nfs/smb or whatever)

just logged into a SuSE box to confirm, as I told you before 2 is still valid :) and my
suggestion has the advantage that rebooting like in thunderbirds idea is _not_ necessary :D


Thunderbird 08-19-02 01:58 AM

I know but he wanted to know to reboot ;)

mtrr 08-19-02 02:06 AM

>...I have to exit X and KDM to a console ( or boot ..... <

just gave an answer to his _first_ choice :)

chrisr 08-19-02 04:42 PM

I wound up using the "shutdown" command from within a BASH shell to exit KDM to the console. Installed the nVidia drivers no problem although I did have to do aome editing of the XF86Config file to enable OpenGL and add some refresh rate & resolutions.

tart666 08-19-02 09:08 PM

Booting to console
if you use Lilo, you can type "2" to obtain "linux 2" at the lilo boot prompt. This will bring it up to runlevel 2, which is console only.

Also, Ctrl-Alt-Backspace works for me



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