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tanguy 02-19-07 04:53 PM

No opengl games
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When i try to play opengl games (tremulous, openarena, gl-117, nexuiz, ...) i obtain only a black screen. I can hear the music so i think the game plays fine but it is not displayed. I need to open a tty to kill the process or use ALT-CTRL-DEL to restart X.
I don't know what to try ...
I attached nvidia-bug-report.log


netllama 02-19-07 04:55 PM

Re: No opengl games
Does this problem persist if you're not using the Composite extension?

tanguy 02-19-07 05:09 PM

Re: No opengl games
What do you mean ?

tanguy 02-19-07 05:57 PM

Re: No opengl games
If you mean to add
Section "Extensions"
Option "Composite" "Disable"
to xorg.conf.
Yes i tried and the problem persists.

tanguy 02-20-07 09:38 AM

Re: No opengl games
No news ?

netllama 02-20-07 10:34 AM

Re: No opengl games
I'd like to see the output from glxinfo and xdpyinfo.

Also, was the bug report that you attached generated while the problem was present?


tanguy 02-20-07 10:49 AM

Re: No opengl games
3 Attachment(s)
Please see attached files.
I'm not sure the previous nvidia-bug-report.log was generated while the problem was present so i generate a new one with openarena running with black screen in X session and generate it from TTY.

netllama 02-20-07 11:27 AM

Re: No opengl games
Thanks. Unfortunately, I'm not seeing anything unusual in the new information.

Does this problem also persist with more trivial OpenGL apps, such as glxgears?

tanguy 02-20-07 06:01 PM

Re: No opengl games
The problem seems to be mainly with full screen game so no problem with glxgear in fullscreen mode.
Is it possible that my card is not enough powerfull for this type of games ??

netllama 02-20-07 06:04 PM

Re: No opengl games
Are you stating that if you run the same games in a window rather than full screen, the problem no longer reproduces?

tanguy 02-20-07 06:27 PM

Re: No opengl games
No it depends for some game it's true and for other not. For example if i launch ./mania_drive.sh --window --mni simple.mni in a window and directly in a circuit not passing throw the menu it plays but if i try the same in full screen i have a black screen. For tremulous i have a black screen in window or in full screen.
I t could be also related to another problem i have submitted with no solution : in googleearth i just have the atmosphere circle with nothing in it.

tanguy 02-21-07 11:26 AM

Re: No opengl games
No answer ?
I think this problem is difficult to solve as the last one with with googleearth.
I'm planning to change my graphic card with a new one geforce 6200 agp. This change could help ? If i change my card will it be automatically detected by the system and the nvidia driver ?

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