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bbennetts 02-20-07 03:23 AM

.9746 Gentoo blank screen when outputting DVI-HDMI to LCD TV
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I am having a couple of problems getting my X configured correctly to output from my FX5200 to my Toshiba 37WLT68 using a DVI-HDMI cable, using 9746 or 9631.

My first problem is that when the TV is on standby or even just using a different input (e.g. RGB Scart instead of HDMI-1) it doesn't seem to provide any EDID information so when I boot I have to have it on the correct channel of the nvidia driver defaults to some 640x400 (something small, anyway) resolution. When the TV is on the correct channel (HDMI-1) it works fine and gives a resolution of 1280x720, which seems centred fine...I have attached the bug report generated from this setup for reference 'nvidia-bug-report-edid-tv-on.log'. The picture *may* be slightly too large for the screen, but I am less worried about this than the following issues...

Being the cunning sort :bs: I took the hsync etc. that are reported in the Xorg.0.log and created a modeline from them, and after some fighting managed to persuade X to use it. However, for some reason the picture always seems to be offset up or down by a bit - can anyone see what I've done wrong? Bug report is 'nvidia-bug-report-non-edid-looksfunny.log'.

Finally, it turns out that this did not solve my problem, if I start X with the custom modeline with the TV not on the HDMI-1 input I still get a blank screen. Now the 'interesting' thing is that if I tell X to cycle through the resolutions (Ctrl-Alt-+) then when it gets back to the custom modeline resolution the screen pops up all happy (well happy, but still offset up/down) the other modes don't seem to work (I was trying to get 1280x768). The card hasn't 'gone to sleep' as far as I can tell - hitting keys on the keyboard doesn't restore the picture. So does anyone know how I can persuade the driver to display the picture without cycling the resolutions? Presumably the TV isn't telling the GFX card a vita 'I'm here' bit of information?

This is for my mythtv machine and it'd be nice not to have to use this work around or have the TV on and on the correct channel whenever the machine boots.

Thanks in advance,


bbennetts 02-20-07 03:25 AM

Re: .9746 Gentoo blank screen when outputting DVI-HDMI to LCD TV
EDIT: Forgot to say that the bug report from when the TV is tuned to a different channel using my custom modeline is 'nvidia-bug-report-non-edid-diffchannel.log'.

netllama 02-20-07 11:45 AM

Re: .9746 Gentoo blank screen when outputting DVI-HDMI to LCD TV
If your DFP isn't advertising its EDID when switched away to a different channel, then there's not much that can be done here, as this is a limitation of the DFP.

What you can do is use the Capture EDID functionality in nvidia-settings to grab the binary EDID of the TV (when its available), and then use the driver's CustomEDID option to feed that binary EDID back to the driver. See the driver README for more details.


bbennetts 02-21-07 03:02 PM

Re: .9746 Gentoo blank screen when outputting DVI-HDMI to LCD TV
Thanks for the reply, Lonni. I'll give it a go, will this really be any different from having a custom modeline, which has the same vsync/hsync as reported by the Xorg.0.log?

By the way the problem with the funny picture offset using the custom modeline is my bad - the Virtual Screen Size is being set to 1280x768, because of my tinkerings trying to get this (alledgedly supported) res, it is either confusing my window manager or X or something. I've remove the offending lines from teh configuration and its centred correctly, now.

Thanks again, Bry.

bbennetts 02-21-07 03:59 PM

Re: .9746 Gentoo blank screen when outputting DVI-HDMI to LCD TV
Hi, well the custom edid works when the channel is HDMI-1, thanks Lonni.

But when it is on a different channel and I turn to HDMI-1 I still get a blank screen until I restart X or cycle resolutions. Why is this? Surely if I have told the graphics card to output to a certain device, and it has the necessary information to display on that device it should just pump it out regardless of whether or not it know it is there. Is there not a way around this?

Thanks, Bryan.

netllama 02-21-07 09:24 PM

Re: .9746 Gentoo blank screen when outputting DVI-HDMI to LCD TV
I'd like to see two bug reports generated. One where it works as desired, and one where its not working.

bbennetts 02-22-07 03:28 PM

Re: .9746 Gentoo blank screen when outputting DVI-HDMI to LCD TV
2 Attachment(s)

Here they are :

nvidia-bug-report_tv_off_hdmi1.log, starting X with the tv on a different channel than HDMI-1 (doesn't work)
nvidia-bug-report_tv_on_hdmi1.log, starting X with the tv on HDMI-1 (works)

Thanks for your continued help :-)


netllama 02-22-07 03:54 PM

Re: .9746 Gentoo blank screen when outputting DVI-HDMI to LCD TV
Thanks, unfortunately, I don't see any differences between the good & bad bug reports. This suggests to me that the nvidia driver is doing the right thing, and the failure is in the DFP/TV.

bbennetts 02-23-07 01:03 PM

Re: .9746 Gentoo blank screen when outputting DVI-HDMI to LCD TV
I agree, there aren't any differences in the log, but that doesn't mean it necessarily the tv :p

As an experiment I just tried starting X using the 'nv' driver with the tv turned to a different channel - then turned over to HDMI1 and it 'worked' - I'm using MythTv so it only managed to displayed the backdrop, but it does imply the tv is okay.

I'll do some more experimenting on the weekend, but its friday night and I've had enough of computers for one day.

Are there any diagnostic tools other that bug-report that I could try?

Cheers, Bryan.

bbennetts 02-23-07 01:05 PM

Re: .9746 Gentoo blank screen when outputting DVI-HDMI to LCD TV
Sorry, didn't mean to put an 'angry' face on th at last post - slip of the mouse.

netllama 02-23-07 01:08 PM

Re: .9746 Gentoo blank screen when outputting DVI-HDMI to LCD TV
Can you try adding:
Option "ConnectedMonitor" "DFP"

to the device section of xorg.conf and see if that has any impact?


bbennetts 02-24-07 08:55 AM

Re: .9746 Gentoo blank screen when outputting DVI-HDMI to LCD TV
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Connected monitor didn't make any difference. I've attached 2 bug reports 'nvidia-bug-report.log.tar.gz' which was with ConnectedMontor and the TV on HDMI1 and 'nvidia-bug-report_not_on_hdmi1.log.tar.gz' whic is the same but with the tv not on the HDMI channel.

I *thought* I had made a mistake using the nvidia driver when I thoguht I was using the nv driver, as I couldn't get the nv driver to work UNTIL...

I started the machine on the HDMI channel using the NVIDIA driver, stopped X, the turned from the HDMI channel, and started X using the NV driver - then turning to HDMI1 displays the desktop. Oddly the same does not hold for the NVIDIA driver - killing X, turning from HDMI1, starting X with NVIDIA driver, and turning to HDMI1 does NOT display a desktop.

Now this go me to thinking about why the NV driver didn't work - in the doc is says :

'With this driver, a digital flat panel will work only if it was POSTed by the BIOS, that is, the computer must have booted to the panel'

I realised that when I boot the machine it does not display and of the POST/BIOS stuff. If I don't auto start X I don't get a command line screen - if I start with the nvidia driver and kill X I do...

I've attached the xorg.conf and Xorg.0.log, from when I am using the nv driver (successfully) note that in the log there is the line :

(--) NV(0): Panel size is 1280 x 720

If I just boot using nv (unsuccessful) it contains :

(--) NV(0): Panel size is 1 x 1

Does this help in any way?

Thanks, Bryan.

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