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alienexplorers 02-22-07 07:49 PM

Small Annoyance (Refresh resets to 60hz)
I have used nvidia-settings to change my monitor refresh rate to 70hz and applied the change. I have also clicked the Save to Xconfig file button and accepted the change. My problem is when I reboot my nvidia fx5200 it reverts to 60hz refresh rate. I then have to go in and manually change it to 70hz. Is there a way to keep this setting after a restart or do I have to change it manually each time I reboot. It's more of an annoyance than a real problem and if I have to do it manually I will.


netllama 02-22-07 08:33 PM

Re: Small Annoyance (Refresh resets to 60hz)
Please generate and attach an nvidia-bug-report.log.


alienexplorers 02-23-07 02:59 AM

Re: Small Annoyance (Refresh resets to 60hz)
I stopped the xterm and tried restarting it with the command "startx -- -logverbose 6" and got a error message xterm locked at which point my system locked up. I reset the computer doing a poweroff / poweron and got the error xterm locked both tries. I have no idea why I am getting this error. If I just enter "startx" the xterm loads with no error. Still reverting to 60hz upon reboot. Must manually go into nvidia-settings to switch the refresh rate to 70hz. STRANGE!!!!!!!

Lithorus 02-23-07 04:18 AM

Re: Small Annoyance (Refresh resets to 60hz)
Did you start the nvidia-settings tool with sudo or as root? Otherwise it cannot save the X config.

alienexplorers 02-23-07 08:00 AM

Re: Small Annoyance (Refresh resets to 60hz)
No I did not. I started it under my normal user account. Never even thought of the file xorg.conf having to be saved as root. I'll give that a try and see what happens.


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