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jhb 02-24-07 02:52 AM

No image on video apps using xorg with nvidia
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When I try to run any video programs such as mplayer, xine, glxgears etc I get an empty frame where the image should be when I attempt to use video outputs other than x11, the programs seem to running normally apart from the missing image.

Does anyone know what could be wrong with my setup? I would like to get xv running as I am trying to build a new mythtv box.

Is it necessary to set mplayer suid to remove the 'Error occurred during pci scan: Operation not permitted' error when running as a normal user and using '-vo videx'.

Should mplayer work with the videx driver using nvidia_vid driver. When
running 'mplayer -v test.avi' I get '[nvidia_vid] Can't find chip' reported.

I originally used the nvidia installer, but later changed to the rpm packages from livna and atrpms. I think I have completely removed the original files installed by the nvidia installer.

I have included the output from some programs and files below in the nvidia.txt file
system information
nvidia rpms installed
mplayer -vo xv test.avi
mplayer test.avi
lspci -vv (video card only)

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