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salekh 02-24-07 01:00 PM

Memory leak
Hello! (I am sorry for my bad Eanglish)

I think, that in the driver there is an memory leaks.
Use of memory by a X-server grows in due course though I do nothing,
has simply logged-in and do nothing.

Right after start of a server approximately 7 %
For 5 hours -- approximately 50% (%MEM)
pixmaps 17509K (xrestop)

Athlon 64 3000+
512 MB
GF 6600

SuSE 10.2
Xorg 7.2-26

kriko 02-24-07 01:18 PM

Re: Memory leak
Well, for start you could read this:

I see you have 1.0-9629, but current new stable nvidia drivers are: 1.0-9746
Try upgrading.

salekh 02-24-07 02:01 PM

Re: Memory leak
1 Attachment(s)
thanks for reply

my logs

netllama 02-24-07 04:23 PM

Re: Memory leak
You should also read the driver README which discusses why this behavior is not a bug, and is expected.

Jjeje007 02-24-07 06:32 PM

Re: Memory leak

I have the same problem

netllama can you be more explicit please ??

Here is my configuration :

Gforce 7600Gt
mother-board : Asus P5W-DH Deluxe

Xorg 7.2
Nvidia-drivers 1.0-9746
Gentoo GNU/linux
kernel 2.6.20

I can be really sure is since I update Xorg to version 7.2, the problem come
So is there some solution ??

EDIT : One other post on gentoo forum about this problem ---> http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t...ighlight-.html

salekh 02-25-07 03:36 AM

Re: Memory leak
I found only:

Q. OpenGL applications leak significant amounts of memory on my system!
A. If your kernel is making use of the -rmap VM, the system may be leaking
memory due to a memory management optimization introduced in -rmap14a. The
-rmap VM has been adopted by several popular distributions, the memory leak
is known to be present in some of the distribution kernels; it has been
fixed in -rmap15e.

in README. This ?

salekh 02-25-07 09:15 AM

Re: Memory leak
upgrated to
X Window System Version 7.2.0
Release Date: 22 January 2007
from 10% to 17% (%MEM in top; 512 RAM) for 10 minutes

netllama 02-25-07 10:12 AM

Re: Memory leak
No, see the FAQ section with the question:
Q. Why does X use so much memory?

salekh 02-25-07 01:35 PM

Re: Memory leak
240600K 235596K 191900K (pmap)
196 RES (top)
Only 1 konqueror window and konsole with top

Jjeje007 02-26-07 06:21 AM

Re: Memory leak
2 Attachment(s)

So i try pmap from the FAQ :

The first attachement is when i just login, the second one is after ~10Hours
For now, I have 1go of memory used and i have only few apps (amarok, konsole, firefox, super-karamba) ... X use 37,3% of memory (top command) and from pmap :
mapped: 793352 KB writable/private: 763356 KB shared: 13264 KB


salekh 02-27-07 04:19 AM

Re: Memory leak
I think its not normal, its leak

downgraded to 7.1 -- same problem

Spyke 02-27-07 04:38 PM

Re: Memory leak

I have the exact same problem with X 7.2.

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