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antelope123 02-24-07 02:18 PM

Two 6600GT cards and no HDTV!
My setup:
- One Leadtek Winfast 6600GT to a Dell 24" LCD via DVI
- One Leadtek Winfast 6600GT to a Sony 42" LCD TV via DVI-HDMI

The Dell works great.
The second 6600GT going to the sony gets stuck on 'Analog', and therefore the Sony remains black. I can't find anywhere to change the 'Analog' to force an output to DVI?

thanks in advance

antelope123 02-24-07 02:18 PM

Re: Two 6600GT cards and no HDTV!
Forgot to say:

My motherboard is the Asus A8N-SLI. I have the SLI bridge in place, but the cards are not SLI enabled.

antelope123 02-24-07 02:31 PM

Re: Two 6600GT cards and no HDTV!
Ok, just tried to swap the cables between the Dell and Sony and rebooted, and the working DVI basically followed the Dell, with the one feeding the Sony now broken (it swapped from analog to digital mode during reboot, with no way to change back to digital)

So basically my graphics cards are both telling me they don't like the Sony LCD TV (bravia). Do these graphics cards not have DVI / HDTV support? Or do I need to download some fancy software? My drivers are the latest already: 84.21

rewt 02-24-07 06:43 PM

Re: Two 6600GT cards and no HDTV!
First of all, 84.21 are not the latest drivers. I use 91.63 (from lv2go) on my 6600GTs and even those are not the latest.

Second, make sure your LCD's DVI port actually supports computer input. My family has one HDTV with DVI input on it, but I read the manual it states it is not meant for use with the PC. On the other hand, I have another HDTV that does accept DVI input from the PC. So I can confirm that DVI output from 6600GT card really does work on some HDTVs, even with SLI enabled.

I hope this helps.

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