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methimpikehoses 02-24-07 09:04 PM

Ok, show me the DDR2
I bought some Corsair Twin XMS2 DDR2 800...


It works OK at stock speeds, but when I bump up the FSB it craps out. I saw that the Buffalo firestix are on sale, should I get those instead? OR point me in another direction where I can get the RAM up to ~900+ speeds. For less than $250 pls.

:clap2: :clap2: :clap2: GO TEAM!

SlieTheSecond 02-24-07 10:21 PM

Re: Ok, show me the DDR2
Is the ram being overclocked?
If so
A) increase voltages
B) relax the timings

methimpikehoses 02-25-07 04:33 PM

Re: Ok, show me the DDR2
I upped the voltage to 2.20 and the timings are at 5-6-5-18. (5-5-5-15 stock) Don't really want to push the voltage more... I could loosen the timings more I guess.

I can get the cpu up to 3.6 with a 9X401 config, but that's the outside edge of stability. I want to do a 8X460 or a 7X550, but then the FSB pushes the memory speed up to 850-900mhz and it can't take it-- then I get BSOD's with "memory management" tags.

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