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stephens 02-25-07 05:25 PM

No component out to SDTV w 6150 on M2NPV-VM board
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I searched the web, including this board, for solutions but none of the ones found work for me. My TV is a Sanyo DS27930 with one component input and two S-video/composite inputs. The S-video works great with the xorg.conf snippet show below. If I change to a combination of :
Option "TVOutFormat" "COMPONENT"
Option "TVStandard" "HD480i"
including none. I get either a blue tinted output on the TV's component input (probably S-video/composit being output) with the above commented out or the TV indicates a non-signal condition (totally blue screen, with "Component-3") with the above active.

The DVD player has been connected to the TV component input with excellent results.

An nvidia bug report log should be included.

Stumped, thanks,


Section "Monitor"
Identifier "Sanyo NTSC Monitor"

# Note that DisplaySize is the one that apparently actually changes the display!
DisplaySize 183 122
HorizSync 30.0 - 68.0
VertRefresh 50.0 - 120.0
ModeLine "720x480" 34.6 720 752 840 928 480 484 488 504 -hsync -vsync

Section "Screen"
Identifier "NVIDIA NTSC"
Device "Nvidia Video Card"
Monitor "Sanyo NTSC Monitor"
DefaultDepth 24
DefaultFbBPP 32
Option "UseDisplayDevice" "TV-0"
Option "TVStandard" "NTSC-M"
Option "TVOutFormat" "SVIDEO"
Option "AllowDDCCI" "true"
Option "TVOverScan" "0.5"

SubSection "Display"
Depth 24
FbBPP 32
Modes "720x480"


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