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KickAssCop 02-26-07 08:56 AM

8800GTS 320 MB Overclocking Questions
I have a BFG Tech Geforce 8800GTS OC 320 MB which came stock clocked at 550 core/800 memory. The shader clock speed is 1300 Mhz. Is there any way to increase the core and memory speed without altering the shader speed for this card. Since I think that my overclock is being hampered by the shader clock increase. For example when I run the card at 600/850 core/mem speeds the shader clock is reported by Rivatuner at 1400 Mhz. The card works fine at 625/875 Mhz but hardlocked at 650/900.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Jon 02-26-07 11:33 AM

Re: 8800GTS 320 MB Overclocking Questions
Mine won't do 650 core either. 625 is alright for a while but then freezes sometimes. So I settled for 600 which is great! (Shader is at 1350)

To answer the shader question, scroll a bit down this thread and there is a lookup table of core/shader speeds:


KickAssCop 02-26-07 12:04 PM

Re: 8800GTS 320 MB Overclocking Questions
That chart is very nice indeed. It actually lists exactly the behavior of my card. Presently I set it to 625 and got a shader clock of 1458 in Rivatuner. I am not the one to flash bios or anything so I guess I will settle for 625/875 for now :D. Thanks for the info Jon.

Jon 02-26-07 03:46 PM

Re: 8800GTS 320 MB Overclocking Questions
No worries... just curious, have you tried 625/900? The guy who wrote the bios in the thread I pointed to reckons all 8800 GTS's will do 600/900 and its within the manufacturers tolerance (which allows for 3rd partys to overclock the cards).

SLippe 02-27-07 03:22 PM

Re: 8800GTS 320 MB Overclocking Questions
I ran mine at 650/2000 for a while, but wasn't completely stable. I tried 626/2000 (overclocked GTX) and that didn't work either. So, my conclusion is that the memory won't do 2000, at least on mine. I ran stock for a while, but have had it at 600/900 for about 2 days now and is solid. I could probably bump the core up more, hell, it's fast enough.

KickAssCop 02-27-07 09:22 PM

Re: 8800GTS 320 MB Overclocking Questions
I just tried 625/1050 for my card and it ran fine in 3dmark05 giving me a whopping score of 12694 :D.

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