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no.junk-nvnews 02-27-07 09:29 AM

TwinView not detecting DFP-0 with GF4/4200Go
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I have a Dell D800 with a GF4/4200 Go and I'm trying to enable TwinView with a CRT and DFP (both are 2001FP LCD's). I've tried every driver version from 9631 to 7184.

In all cases except 7184, my 2001FP on the DVI doesn't seem to be detected at all and shows up just as Sharp(DFP-0) and as a result, none of the proper metamodes gets detected.

With 7184, it seems to detected the MetaMode properly and creates a virtual screen 3200x1200 but the output to the DVI is blank. This seems related to another bug that I found on nvnews where the DVI output doesn't seem to work properly?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Attached is my bug log.

netllama 02-27-07 11:12 AM

Re: TwinView not detecting DFP-0 with GF4/4200Go
Please remove the following options from xorg.conf:

If the problem still persists with 1.0-9631, please generate a new bug report.


no.junk-nvnews 02-27-07 12:15 PM

Re: TwinView not detecting DFP-0 with GF4/4200Go
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When you say new bug report, do you mean new thread? I've reinstalled 9631 and took out the lines you suggested. My second 2001FP seems to be detected now, as DFP-1. However, it's still determining my virtual screen to be 1600x1200 eventhough 1600x1200,1600x1200 is now a valid modeline. I've attached my new bug report.

no.junk-nvnews 02-27-07 12:28 PM

Re: TwinView not detecting DFP-0 with GF4/4200Go
Since it seemed 3 displays were detected (with DFP-0 being some sort of phantom), I added the line

Option "UseDisplayDevice" "CRT-0, DFP-1"

And TwinView started up with 3200x1200! However, the colors are completely messed up on the DVI connected monitor. Also, it seems to mess up the display output on that channel completely since the console (which outputs via DVI) is also messed up (fonts look like they've been zoomed in on but poorly).

Thanks again!

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