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ntmoe 02-28-07 10:41 PM

nvidia-xconfig missing

I am running a fresh install of Fedora Core 6, with an i686 kernel. I installed legacy nVIDIA drivers for my TNT2 card by setting up the Livna repositories and running

# yum install kmod-nvidia-legacy

which installed the drivers. I am able to see the nVIDIA splash screen when I boot up the system, but I cannot increase the resolution beyond 800x600. I tried running nvidia-xconfig, but the command does not exist on my system, even if I search the whole HDD for the binary. Could it be that the nvidia-xconfig command is not included with the Livna packages, or is something wrong with my install?

Thank you for any help,


netllama 02-28-07 11:41 PM

Re: nvidia-xconfig missing
nvidia-xconfig isn't part of the 1.0-71xx legacy driver branch. If you want further assistance, please start X with the following command:
startx -- -logverbose 5

and then generate and attach an nvidia-bug-report.log.


ntmoe 03-01-07 06:47 PM

Re: nvidia-xconfig missing
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Thanks Lonni,

I am attaching my nvidia-bug-report.log file. I'm not sure if I went about generating it correctly, but after getting the text login screen, I logged in as root and did

# init 3

Then I logged on as root again and did

# startx -- -logverbose 5

And once I was logged in to the GUI, I generated the report.


netllama 03-01-07 09:28 PM

Re: nvidia-xconfig missing
It looks like the problem here is that your xorg.conf is lacking a Monitor section with defined HorizSync & VertRefresh values, and so the driver is falling back to safe defaults which will only support a 800x600 mode.

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