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Hambone 03-01-07 05:54 PM

Vanguard Questions
I've played WoW more than I'd like to admit and EQ2 since it lauched. I've been playing with the idea of trying Vanguard, and was curious about some things...

A) Is the guild system anything like EQ2's?
-The guild itself has a level
-Players do quests and such for Status and the guild gets 10% as Guild XP
-Achievments (leveling up, killing an epic) auto note on the guild channel
-When the guild hit's a decate lvl (10,20,30....) the whole server gets a message
-Guild Bank (that grows in size with the guild level)
-Items that can only be purchased when your guild is at a certain level

B) Housing?
-It might be fruity but I really enjoy my status house in EQ2 loaded up with items I've spent a lot of time getting and such. Adding items to a house is pretty cool

C) Content?
-Unlike WoW (PVP, Faction Grinding, Cash Grinding) EQ2 has a billion things to do with your time at max level. Any idea how Vanguard might be?

D) Future?
-Unlike WoW which seems to only get BS PVP and Raid updates, EQ2 is now on it's 32nd live update which added a lot of cool thigns. Since SOE is now part of Vanguard I was wondering if it will benifit from the same level of content updating. Not to mention how much EQ2 has been improved over the last two years.

Really my biggest thing is player base. WoW is suppose to have 8 million now. That's fine... so much of the population seems to be freaking annoying teenagers. EQ2's population is so much better - far and above. But EQ2's population is pretty static and suppose to be around only 225,000 players total. I'm wondering if Vanguard is just doomed from launch to be one of the dozens of 225,000 or less MMO's or if it has any chance of holding at the 1 Million mark after the first year or so?

So tempted to just go buy it.. hehe

Xion X2 03-01-07 06:03 PM

Re: Vanguard Questions
I can't answer a lot of those questions, because I never played EQ series or WOW. Vanguard is my first MMO. But what I can say is that I've been pleasantly surprised at how good-mannered and helpful the population that plays Vanguard is. I haven't ran across one "teenage punk" yet that was rude or obnoxious, and I'm ~100 hours into the game.

Getting into a guild is especially beneficial, but even the general population will help you out 99% of the time if you need it.

Hambone 03-01-07 06:25 PM

Re: Vanguard Questions
I'm going through reviews of it now.

The bad part for me might be that from what I've read they're going with an original EQ2 (and classic EQ1) mentality that you have to group to accomplish much at all.

With work and a wife I don't get a ton of time to play. My biggest play time is a few hours in a row on the weekends.

Both EQ2 as it is now and WoW make it very easy to solo most of the time.

Xion X2 03-01-07 06:51 PM

Re: Vanguard Questions
Well you do have to group a lot, but there are some solutions for that.

First, there are a lot of us here on nvnews that play and would be willing to help you out w/ a few quests.

Second, whenever I've tackled a quest that was too much for me, I've either given a shout over the chat to ask for help and gotten plenty of responses from people or just waited at the location for one or two others to show up. Neither usually takes very long.

Tygerwoody 03-01-07 10:37 PM

Re: Vanguard Questions
I will say this. Vanguard has had the nicest/most mature audience i have ever played with on any other MMORPG. Including EQ.

ginfest 03-02-07 07:17 AM

Re: Vanguard Questions
Although I am thoroughly enjoying the game I"ll
mention a few things in regards to your questions, especially "a"
There are guilds in VSOH but the guild system is "bare bones" at best. There is very little feedback, no guildbank and no writs or the like. The guild system needs alot of work.
Of course the grouping options, banking etc are all a work in progress.
And the new "Fellowship" which the devs have bragged about hasn't been implimented yet.
The housing is totally different, you have to buy a plot and build, or have it built.
And the cost is prohibative right now, think back to EQ2 start when having 1G was an achievement! Well it takes many gold to buy and build.
Totally different game here, I prefer it to the familiar boredom of EQ2 but I do miss some of the "conveniences".
For instance, say you have a couple alts, one makes a certain item that another can use, there is no shared bank, in fact the banks and brokers separate entities on all 3 continents-anyway, you have to mail the item to you alt, and the cost is 15 and up copper!
That's just some of it, I do enjoy the game and plan to stick to it but IMO folks shld know what they are getting.

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