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titan3025 08-18-02 01:51 PM

GF4 Nvidia Driver 2960, Win TV Problem, Freeze

I've got an WinTV PCI, a gForce4 graphics adapter, an AMD Athlon XP1800+ with a VIA KT266a chipset.
Everytime I want to watch television with my Hauppauge WinTV PCI, my computer freezes.
I have to press the reset button. I get a total lockup.
Has anybody a solution for my problem?


titan3025 08-18-02 01:52 PM

I forgot to mention that I use xawtv for watching tv.
My Kernel version is 2.4.16.

NaJa 08-20-02 04:07 PM

Try to use another PCI-Sloft for your TV-Card. The NVidia-driver doesn't like to share it's interrupt line with the bttv-driver.

titan3025 08-20-02 05:45 PM

I tried.. it didn't help.. the tv card has an interrupt for itself. no confilt.
It just crashes after a while. Perhaps it is an VIA KT266a problem, with the high PCI load.


drifter 09-06-02 07:09 AM

same here, diff tv card
mine is the leadtek tv2000 xp. im quite sure its the nvidia linux drivers. i tried the XFree86 'nv'driver, and xawtv worked perfectly using the -noxv option.
i tried playing around with bttv and xawtv options, and rearranging the slot arrangement. still nothing worked under Nvidia's 2960 driver.

maybe someone can write to them about this problem, someone who knows their tech support email address (if they have one, cause i sure have yet to find it).

BTW, i have the redhat 7.2 basic distro (no kernel, or any other package upgrades). thinkin of switchin to an ATI Radeon card for my next card.

drifter 09-06-02 07:12 AM

i use a GeForce 2 MX400 64MB.

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