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asdfasdfa 03-02-07 11:38 PM

Intermittent "BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)" when maximizing video
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When attempting to maximize playing videos (dvd's, avi, mpeg) under a composited environment - aiglx + compiz (latest) with the latest xorg-server (1.2.0-3) I occasionally receive the error below (or something resembling it):

BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)

If I keep attempting to maximize the windows, especially with mplayer, they eventually maximize. This problem is exacerbated when I have many windows open (see attached nvidia_video_player_errors.txt for a more detailed perspective).

As a side note, under the same environment, any cpu activity (user) above 50% (e.g compiling the nvidia module for the kernel using the nvidia script, running "yes" in a terminal) renders the mouse cursor and window/compositing manager (compiz) unusable.

I should point out that under (xgl + compiz) I don't see these effects.

Please see attached nvidia_bug_report.log for system specifics. Thanks for any assistance.

AaronP 03-03-07 03:28 PM

Re: Intermittent "BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)" when maximizing vi
BadAlloc can occur with composited XV if there's not enough memory available for the video window's pixmap. Try closing some windows.

asdfasdfa 03-03-07 06:17 PM

Re: Intermittent "BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)" when maximizing vi
AaronP, thanks for your prompt reply. I have realized that closing a few windows helps (especially firefox). But occasionally, even with the video window alone, I receive the error (this would be launching mplayer from a terminal window without any other windows opened).

Now, is this a driver issue? Why should this happen anyway since my card has turbocache enabled and **should** (I could be wrong here) appropriate the necessary resources from main memory to accommodate any additional needs. Or, is my card just limited? My friends machine, with integrated video (Intel) seems not to have this issue. Please comment. Thanks

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