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Mr Six 03-03-07 12:17 PM

New recommendations of free MMORPG
Ok so i want to try one of those free MMORPG but i really have no idea which one would best match my preferences.I have looked at a few "free MMORPG" lists (including the one here) but i just can't try them all :p.And no Guild Wars is not an option since i already have it and the non persistant world bore the **** out of me.I also tried Knight Online (sucks) and Maple Story (don't like the style at all) and i didn't like them either.

Basically i'm looking for those characteristics :
- Free (duh)
- Big or decent sized community
- PK and PVP are a must
- People who don't want to pay real $$$ for uber items can still be competitive
- Persistant world
- Decent graphics (i'm not asking for the moon but it should at least be 3D or if it's 2d then diablo style)

In other words i'm looking for a free WOW clone if such thing even exist.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion :D

Theos 03-06-07 07:32 AM

Re: New recommendations of free MMORPG
Try Hero Online. It's preety decent game. I'm playing it for past few months.
The link: http://hero.netgame.com/

Good gameing

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