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jbrosenberg 03-05-07 11:52 AM

Problem with RIVA TNT2, Samsung Syncmaster 204B

I am having trouble getting my debian system to drive my new Samsung Syncmaster 204B monitor at 1600x1200....It seems to be sending it 1600x1200@60Hz (75KHz HorizSync)....The monitor just flickers and shows garbled artifacts....

The system has a TNT2 chipset, and is connecting to the monitor via the VGA jack.

I have a kvm switch, and another TNT2 system (windows 2000) works fine. Also, previously I had both systems connected to 21" ViewSonic, and both could display 1600x1200 no problem....

In the OSD on the monitor, it looks like it is actually using a HorizSync of 74.9KHz, when the Windows 2000 machine is connected....

I've tried forcing the HorizSync to 74.9KHz, and set the "ExactModeTimings" "Yes", etc....

One thing I notice in looking at the /var/log/XFree86.0.log output, is that it apparently can't find any EDID info for this monitor....Is that normal? Could that be the problem here? How is the Windows 2000 machine pulling this off?

Through lots of googling around, it seems there are quite a few problems with the Samsung Syncmaster 204B, seems it needs to have slightly reduced frequencies than standard, and that a number of them have had problems (seems an issue with those manufactured in China (as mine was), as opposed to the earlier ones from Mexico?)....

I saw one post that suggested I try to force it to 59.92 Hz Vert, 74.01 KHz Horiz, but this results in the X server failing to start, I guess it determined that the TNT2 RIVA can't handle that speed....



netllama 03-05-07 11:56 AM

Re: Problem with RIVA TNT2, Samsung Syncmaster 204B
If no EDID is detected, then that is likely (part of) the problem. If you need further assistance, see:

jbrosenberg 03-05-07 12:10 PM

Re: Problem with RIVA TNT2, Samsung Syncmaster 204B
Just wanted to add, that I downloaded the latest nVidia driver yesterday for TNT2, which hasn't helped: version 1.0.7184


thyrf 03-05-07 08:37 PM

Re: Problem with RIVA TNT2, Samsung Syncmaster 204B
Maybe the following link will help. The underlying technology remains the same (ubuntu based on debian) so you should be able to apply what he mentions to your situation.


jbrosenberg 03-26-07 03:28 AM

Re: Problem with RIVA TNT2, Samsung Syncmaster 204B
I tried this, it didn't help.....I suspect it might be a difference in graphics cards/drivers....The nVidia driver doesn't seem willing to support any of the specified modelines....


jbrosenberg 03-26-07 03:54 AM

Re: Problem with RIVA TNT2, Samsung Syncmaster 204B
Is EDID generally something that all monitors are supposed to provide? Or is it something that newer digital displays are moving away from?

The mystery here remains that the same hardware can drive this monitor fine via it's vga connector, under Windows 2000, but not linux.....So, I assume Win2k is using something other than EDID here?


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