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thyrf 03-05-07 08:07 PM

Problem on starting x
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Hi there, I just installed the latest drivers (1.0.9746), restarted kdm - got the new nvidia splash logo - and all was well. Until I rebooted. Upon the initialisation of X, the screen changes tty and then there's just blackness (monitor still receiving a signal). If I switch to another tty and back I get a blinking cursor.

I was using an older nvidia driver before this and that was working ok, however I required the latest driver for some software to work properly.

I'm using Debian Etch and KDE 3.5 on an ASUS m2npv-vm mobo with an onboard geforce 6110 gpu. Attached you'll find my bug report.

Thanks in advance.

netllama 03-05-07 09:19 PM

Re: Problem on starting x
I don't see anything wrong in your bug report. Was it generated while the problem was present?
Does reinstalling the driver fix the problem until you reboot?


thyrf 03-05-07 09:27 PM

Re: Problem on starting x
I generated the report, as was requested by one of the stickies.

I can install it as many times as i want and it will work, but upon reboot i just get a black screen when x starts (so i need to stop kdm, reinstall it again and start kdm | or | change to the nv driver, which isnt what I want).

netllama 03-05-07 09:29 PM

Re: Problem on starting x
Did you follow these instructions:

thyrf 03-05-07 10:01 PM

Re: Problem on starting x
Didn't read that one and it contained the one thing I didn't do (* the nvidia-glx package has been uninstalled with the --purge option), it actually works now after another re-install :)

Many thanks.

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