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Ricky_O 03-06-07 08:27 AM

SATA driver
New Gigabyte mobo (GA-M61P-S3) and new Seagate SATA drive. Mobo has the nVidia driver set. Installing CentOS 4.4.
When I go to do initial set-up, CentOS can't find SATA driver. When i insert Gigabyte CD, it is not recognized.
CentOS forums refer me to Gigabyte. Gigabyte website support/drivers refers me to driver manufacturer website for download. (That's how I got here!)
I saw and read the sticky about the most recent driver download (1.0-9746 run 2). I downloaded and read the install instructions. Those instructions call for a command line update.
That's impossible at initial set-up and config. Any ideas???
I don't want to run the SATA in RAID configuration, simply as an IDE drive (faster).

netllama 03-06-07 11:03 AM

Re: SATA driver
I think you're confusing the graphics driver with motherboard chipset support. I don't know that CentOS 4.4 has support for motherboards with the MCP61 chipset.

energyman76b 03-06-07 01:20 PM

Re: SATA driver
Ricky, the nvidia graphics drivers have nothing to do with SATA.

If you want SATA support, you'll need to install a recent kernel.
If CentOS does not have recent kernels, you have to build on yourself.

The sources are on kernel.org. A good guide for building your own kernel was written by Greg KH, Linux Kernel in a Nutshell. A book, that you can download from his site.

More here:

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