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JROCK2004 03-06-07 03:06 PM

Anyone got this working in freebsd 6.2 yet? Just curious how difficult it is. I am waiting forever for kde to install then I am going to attack my vid card. Any recommendations/tips or tricks on how to get vid card setup working? Thanks

anonuser 03-06-07 10:43 PM

Re: EN7600GS
have you tried the x11/nvidia-driver port? That should be all you need.

JROCK2004 03-06-07 11:14 PM

Re: EN7600GS
just installed it edited xorg. now beyond that is there a command I can run to see if it is completly woeking?

adamk75 03-07-07 03:57 AM

Re: EN7600GS


That's the only way you'll find out.


anonuser 03-07-07 08:42 PM

Re: EN7600GS
The best way to do things would probably use the nvidia-xconfig utility (its in ports) and have that setup xorg for you
then you should be good to go

antonyh 04-09-07 10:09 PM

Re: EN7600GS
Did you get the 7600GS working? I'm looking at using this for my HTPC MythTV box. Though I need to check it can do hardware decoding of MPEG first.

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