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yuri_p 03-07-07 04:40 AM

MCP55 Ethernet Controller on FreeBSD
Hello !

In the past, nVidia ethernet controllers nForce 1,2,3,4 supported on FreeBSD by nve driver. It based by nvenetlib closed code by nVidia.
Now, new eth controller MCP55 been released, but support for FreeBSD is absent.
Question: Can nVidia give updated nvenetlib with support of MCP55 ethernet controller ?

RUSTY 03-09-07 09:27 PM

Re: MCP55 Ethernet Controller on FreeBSD
Hi there,

I have asus p5n32 sli premium. I found this driver. http://www.se.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/~shi...eebsd-nfe.html

These steps work for me:
# Comment out the line "device nve" in your kernel config file.
# If you want to support device polling, add "options DEVICE_POLLING" into the config file.
# Apply the PHY patch if necessary (see the above), e.g. "patch < e1000phy.20061219.fbsd62.patch" in /usr/src/sys/dev/mii/.
# Type "make buildkernel; make installkernel" in /usr/src/.
# Type "reboot"
# Get the latest nfe driver source code from this page.
# Extract it in an appropriate directory.
# If you want to enable the device polling feature, uncomment the line "#define DEVICE_POLLING" in if_nfe.c.
# Type "make" in the extracted directory, you will find if_nfe.ko.
# Type "cp if_nfe.ko /boot/modules".
# Type "kldload if_nfe" or
# Add "if_nfe_load=\"yes\"" into /boot/loader.conf and then reboot.

RUSTY 03-09-07 09:29 PM

Re: MCP55 Ethernet Controller on FreeBSD
I have also found this http://www.marvell.com/drivers/drive...dId=139&pId=35
but I haven't tried this

nemmo723 06-02-07 11:18 AM

Re: MCP55 Ethernet Controller on FreeBSD

Originally Posted by RUSTY

tried this driver on an MSI K9 NEO F, and it works just fine.. freebsd 6.2 i386 release :D

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