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glObalist 03-07-07 12:28 PM

Can't boot from USB stick, help!
Guys, help! It might not be linux specific but I just cannot figure this out with my 9npa+ ultra board

I am perfectly able to boot Gparted (a live linux partitioning app) off my 2 USB sticks at work (some MSI nf2 mobo) but not at home.

I have just updated to the latest BIOS but the system always tells me either "Invalid system disk" or "Remove disks or other media" when I try to easy-boot off USB, depending on which stick I use. One being a USB Bar device and one a Flash Disk. Both work perfectly fine on the older board.

Please, can anyone help me out? Have you been able to boot off USB sticks with nf4-based boards?

Thanks a lot.

glObalist 03-07-07 01:28 PM

Re: Can't boot from USB stick, help!
Alright, I finally came upon a solution!

For some strange reason, and unlike at work, I had to format the USB stick with a HP utility found here:


After that the stick appeared as a boot option under HDDs and was able to be booted from, whereas when formatted with the stock Windows utility it appeared under Removable devices in my BIOS and it wouldn't boot.

I know it's strange, but whew anyway!

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