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merlin42 03-07-07 11:45 PM

Please fix hardware support list
The hardware support pages on nvidias website are very wrong. They suggest there is only one legacy driver, when in fact there are two.

All the cards up to around GeForce2 are supported by the 7184 drivers.

The GeForce3 Ti 200 (Which I have) is supported by the 96xx drivers, even though it is listed as supported hardware for the 9755 drivers ( I get the page http://www.nvidia.com/object/IO_18897.html when I click on supported hardware on the 9755 download page), but when I try to install the 9755 drivers it tells me to try the 96xx series.

PLEASE update your site so that people don't have to figure out which driver to use via trial and error.

The incorrect information has been on the website ever since there have been 97xx drivers (dec. '06)!!

clanger9 04-10-07 01:00 PM

Re: Please fix hardware support list
Come on guys - it's a month on from merlin42's post and the list is still wrong.

Ubuntu and other distros are pushing out the 9755 driver to "new legacy" card users, resulting in a lot of broken systems out there. Please fix the docs so that the distro maintainers and users have a chance to choose the right driver!

netllama 04-10-07 01:11 PM

Re: Please fix hardware support list
We're in the process of updating the driver download page.

I personally communicated the driver support hierarchy to an Ubuntu developer a few weeks ago. I was under the impression that Ubuntu developers understood the current status.

I should note that even prior to the existence of 1.0-9631, I was seeing reports of Ubuntu occasionally installing the wrong driver version (1.0-71xx legacy rather than the latest driver). This suggests that something else isn't correct in Ubuntu's packaging.

clanger9 04-11-07 01:59 AM

Re: Please fix hardware support list
It's been temporarily fixed in Ubuntu by reverting to the older driver (post from Ben Collins here).

Glad to hear the updated driver page is on its way...

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