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macmann 03-08-07 08:10 AM

NVIDIA 7300 GS and SUSE 10.1
Hello Forum!

I have a Problem with my Grafikcard and SUSE 10.1 .

After starting from Grub for SUSE 10.1 my Screen gets black
when X wants to start.

Only by starting "SUSE 10.1 failsafe" and giving the command
"startx" after Logging in, I reach Gnome.

Has somebody an Idea?

Between I found this by searchin in Google:


GeForce 7300 GS

Otomatik Tanınma - 3D Desteği
SUSE Linux Sürüm(leri): 10.1 - Configured with fbdev driver by default
Current X.org nv driver doesn't support this graphics chip Bug 160812
Not usable by default in 10.0 - Use fbdev driver instead from run level 3: "sax2 -m 0=fbdev"
Latest Proprietary Nvidia Driver supports this chip with 3D Support

And the Bugreport (Titel:Monitor remains blank after starting X):



netllama 03-08-07 11:47 AM

Re: NVIDIA 7300 GS and SUSE 10.1
You're referencing an 'nv' driver bug, not an nvidia driver bug. The solution here is to use the 1.0-9755 NVIDIA X driver.


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