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fastguy94416 07-28-02 04:51 PM

Where in the world....
Does anyone know where to find a .13 micron athlon XP 1800+?

(to buy)

Maniac 07-28-02 08:43 PM

I did not know the .13 1800+ were out!!

Lou Natic 07-28-02 10:20 PM

They aren't out, yet. Probably won't be really available for about 2 months.

NeoGeo 07-29-02 04:34 AM

they serve no advantage over the older Palomino core, they just have a smaller core and smaller die! This makes the new T-Breds about 10% hotter! Stick with a palomino or wait for the barton, they will use 0.13, hopefully making use of a heatspreader like the P4!

PCarr78 07-29-02 08:21 AM

... is carmen sandiego?

IHS = less crushed cores?

Matthyahuw 07-29-02 10:05 AM

Isn't a die-shrink supposed to make a chip cooler by needing less voltage to run?

NeoGeo 07-29-02 10:09 AM

yes indeed it is, it uses less voltage and a smaller core, however the actual area it has to transfer its heat to the heatsink is fairly small compared to the palomino, thus hotting things up a bit!!!

pelly 07-29-02 10:27 AM

You are both correct...

A die-shrink does require less voltage, so there is less heat...

A die-shrink minimizes the amount of surface area used to release heat...

The solution is the use of a heat-plate or heat-spreader like the P4 uses. This plate is larger than the die to increase the amount of surface area ( cools faster ) while maintaining the benefits of a smaller die ( lower voltage, etc... )

An added bonus of the heat-spreader is that it can act as a shim of sorts and prevent the dreaded "crushed core" situation...


NeoGeo 07-29-02 10:31 AM

yes but u cant buy heat spreaders for the Athlons... for the heat spreader were prob gonna have to wait for the Barton....

to hell with it ill stick with my palomino :D

pelly 07-29-02 10:35 AM

I never understood why AMD didn't integrate the heat-spreader with their CPU's...especially after the bad press about crushed-cores. I can't imagine the extra cost would be much and the benefits would surely justify the change...

Oh well, what do we know?


john19055 07-29-02 10:44 AM

Is any of the new amd chips going to use a 166 FSB.I don't understand why they have'nt went to a 166 FSB because it would be faster.Would'nt that make the bandwith gretter inreturn make games run faster.

NeoGeo 07-29-02 10:51 AM

becuase everyone doesnt have a motherboard capable of 166FSB!! think about people with the N-Force, a fairly new motherboard, yet the Athlon would suddenly become incompatible with it!! The N-Force for example has a 266 DDR limit on its chipset, another example is the KR7A, a fairly new and overclockable board, but the natural top end of the FSB is 133, or 266 DDR. It just wouldnt work, not for a while any way.

This is much like the change from Athlon Bs to Athlon Cs, (100 - 133 FSB increase). Everybody with the old KT7 which only naturally supported 100MHz FSB wasn't very happy! This is probably one of the reasons AMD never took the Duron to 133. To give customers with old boards at least a chance to upgrade.

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