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pch315syr 03-14-07 10:37 PM

VT ttys not set correctly on switch from X
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I run a IBM Intellistation M Pro with a NV41GL (Quadro FX 1400, rev a2). I run Debian testing distro (and vmware). I encountered problems when I upgraded from running Linux Driver versions 9629 to 9746 (or 9755). I tried this both before and after a recent dist-upgrade of the OS, with the same results.

I boot (grub) with vga=0x0f01 as a kernel param to get 50 lines.

After starting X either via startxfce4 (logged in as a user), or startx (logged in as root), X is working fine.

With 9746, if I go back to the virtual ttys (/dev/tty1 ..6) or terminate the X server, the display is bad. What seems to be happening is that the char gen ram was loaded OK with the 50 line font (for VGA mode), but the card seems to be drawing in 25 line mode, and gets garbage for the lower half of each char drawn. I can only see the top half of the display. I can only restore readability with the command: 'consolechars -f cp850-8x8' (typing blind..). Before typing that command (for the first time after boot), I think the lower parts of the chars drawn are the lower halves of the font loaded to the char gen ram at power on reset.

I changed between 9629 and 9746 several times, with the same results. I saw the same problem with Debian's 2.6.18-3-686 and 2.6.18-4-686 kernels.

The attached zipfiles contains files showing dpkg -l listings from before and after the dist-upgrade. I've also included a lspci -v listing, and the nvidia-bug-reports from trying this on each driver version.

When changing Driver versions to generate these bug report listings, I skipped the config step, as that didn't seem to make a difference. I generated the 9746 report after a startx with the suggested verbose 6 option.

Anything I forgot to include?

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