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andrig 03-16-07 02:54 PM

RHEL 5 Installation
Is there a way to install the NVIDIA driver on RHEL 5? I fails trying to find the kernel sources, and there doesn't appear to be anything but a kernel-header package for RHEL 5.

netllama 03-16-07 02:56 PM

Re: RHEL 5 Installation
The requirements are the same as for RHEL4. You need to install the kernel-devel RPM which corresponds with the kernel that you're running.

andrig 03-16-07 03:25 PM

Re: RHEL 5 Installation
There is no kernel-devel package in the RHEL 5 repository.

netllama 03-16-07 03:27 PM

Re: RHEL 5 Installation
There is on the RHEL5 media that I have here. I think you need to talk to Redhat if you can't find it.

andrig 03-16-07 03:48 PM

Re: RHEL 5 Installation
Sorry to bother you. I did find it on disk 6 of the media. What's interesting, is that this package doesn't show up in the online RHN repository. It's just not there. Even doing a yum install for the package doesn't find anything. Anyway, thanks for pointing out that you had it on your media. I really appreciate the help.

jasonrkr 06-12-07 10:10 AM

Re: RHEL 5 Installation

You need to sign on to RHN and alter your Channel Subscriptions. You should see something like Supplementary channels available to you.


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