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john12312 03-16-07 05:11 PM

GeForce go7600se for linux

I am trying to find drivers for the above card in linux.

Please can someone say where I can find them.


netllama 03-16-07 05:22 PM

Re: GeForce go7600se for linux
All the graphics drivers are in the same location:

john12312 03-16-07 05:31 PM

Re: GeForce go7600se for linux
Cheers for the reply.

I don think its supported through looking at the link you gave.

Would you agree?

If you do and its not supported then will lower model drivers work - sorry if thats a noob question although I dont know much about this.

netllama 03-16-07 05:38 PM

Re: GeForce go7600se for linux
All currently available GPUs are fully supported in released drivers, including yours.

john12312 03-16-07 05:58 PM

Re: GeForce go7600se for linux
I think its this one then:


I cannot use a browser and have to go from a command prompt as I cannot get into linux without the right drivers for the card.

would this be correct to download the file:

wget http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree8...-9755-pkg1.run

netllama 03-16-07 06:02 PM

Re: GeForce go7600se for linux

john12312 03-16-07 06:17 PM

Re: GeForce go7600se for linux
This does not work, I only get a 25k download.

I think its downloading the source or something.

I tried a few variations but no luck.

Any ideas.

Forget the above, I done it now.

Cheers for the help

netllama 03-16-07 06:19 PM

Re: GeForce go7600se for linux
I get a 14MB file when I use wget on the URL you posted. I'm not sure what else to suggest.

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