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Tangamandapiano 03-20-07 12:53 AM

Problems when using AIGLX to avoid "Texture from pixmap" extension's bugs
About AIGLX and Beryl, with Nvidia drivers...

I get to use AIGLX here, although there is some weird behavior. When I just enable Beryl and select AIGLX there, things on screen looks very slow, just like when turning on the "Copy" rendering Path, instead of "Texture from Pixmap".

But, if I logoff and log in again, with Beryl starting with the new session, AIGLX seems to run fast. The only really annoying thing is that VSYNC doesn't work... I already tryed enabling Vsync only in Beryl, enabling on the nvidia-settings, I also tried enabling it on both, tried enabling on only one of them, and even setting the refresh rate manually in beryl... but it never works. So things looks ugly when moving, with that typical "broken" image when things move horizontally.

But, at least, using AIGLX I didn't get black windows (until the moment), and my X Session doesn't hang when switching to console or something.

Did anyone get to use the AIGLX without being slow, and having Vsync correctly enabled?

And, please, Nvidia team, is there any news about the "Texture from pixmap" black windows bug's status?

(I'm using Beryl on Ubuntu 6.10, and my video card is a Geforce 6800 with 128MB of RAM. System has 1GB of RAM)

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