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SomeOne1977 03-20-07 01:28 PM

GeForce 6150 (Onboard Video Problem)
I have a odd problem with my display.
It seems all washed out. The pale colors do not seem to be displayed.
I did the basic troubleshoot.
- Reset the monitors to factory defaults
- Swapped another monitor
- Checked connections
- Checked BIOS Settings

The problems seems really to be with the onboard video

I took pictures with my camera and here is the result
1st image is the 6150

2nd image is another computer running the same OS

Notice that on the first picture you cannot see the background map of the world ?

Does anyone have ideas how to fix this ?

EDIT: Both are Running the latest Kubuntu Release 6.10. I installed the Linux drivers using the Envy tool for linux. Seemed to have detected it fine.

Computer Specs
AMD Athlon X2 3800+
1 Gig of RAM

Also when I take a screenshot and open it on another computer the colors are ok. Seems really the connector that is creating problems


seeker010 04-13-07 04:09 PM

Re: GeForce 6150 (Onboard Video Problem)
are the comparison using the same connector? dvi or vga?

SomeOne1977 04-13-07 07:15 PM

Re: GeForce 6150 (Onboard Video Problem)
The monitors are each plugged into a different computer using VGA cables.
I just received a PCI-E vid card and the problems does not happen anymore. So it is really with the onboard video. I will have the motherboard replaced in the next few weeks. I contacted the vendor and they say it is probably safer to replace it, in case there are issues with other components on the MB.

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