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knocker 08-18-02 06:50 PM

nvidia drivers in a motherboard with AGP 1.0 (motherboard MVP3+)
Hi have a motherboard with only AGP 1.0 and I can't make work the nvidia drivers in Red Hat 7.3 in my nvidia Riva TNT2.
When I install the nvidia drivers (the drivers are the corrects) the linux when activate the graphic mode hangs.
Anyone know a solution for this? I know that there is a special drivers from nvidia for windows xp for this motherboards, but for linux there isn't.

Thunderbird 08-19-02 01:57 AM

For linux there are 2 agp drivers one inside the nvidia kernel module (known as "nvagp") and another in the linux kernel (known as "agpgart". The drivers can use both those drivers but not at the same time ofcourse.

I wouldn't play that much with AGP on a MVP3 system (had one in the past). What I would do to get X running is the following if it really is an AGP problem. Add a line: Option "NvAGP" "0" to the device or screen section in your XF86Config-4 file. That will disable AGP.

AGP on these boards can be very instable.

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