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diabolita23 03-23-07 05:04 PM

noise cancellation headphones
Anyone have any good recommendations for a set of noise cancellation headphones? I alreeady ruled out Bose and Sennheiser as too expensive, and Sony as just a piece of crap (I bought and returned a pair, you could hear artifacting). Looking at these right now, anyone know if they're any good: http://www.hearotto.com/Products_OT5.aspx?

jass 03-29-07 12:58 PM

Re: noise cancellation headphones
I tried BOSE ones and was amazed by the technology but
the sound from noise canceling ones is kind of approximation of the real sound.

Well, if you use noise to kill noise by phase inversion it is all good as long as your noise is "corresponds" to one that is emulated by the circuitry. Once there is system that records noise real-time, samples it, and uses this noise to kill the current noise I might be tempted to get one.

Did you think about in-ear headphones instead like E2c?

diabolita23 04-25-07 07:03 PM

Re: noise cancellation headphones
Oh, forgot I posted this. I did buy the Otto set, and it does cancel noise. Not bad, for the price. I read this about Bose which made me wary: http://www.intellexual.net/bose.html. I did consider in-ear, but the feeling of something in my ear just drives me nuts. Anyway, thumbs up on the Otto.

diabolita23 05-11-07 05:52 PM

Re: noise cancellation headphones
They also sent me a coupon with the noise cancellation set, though it's for other audio produts they make. The code is "FREESHIP" and it's for free shipping and 10% off either their bluetooth car kit: www.hearotto.com/Products_OT2.aspx or the headset with the mp3 player built in: www.hearotto.com/Products_OT3.aspx.

russ_3d 05-11-07 06:38 PM

Re: noise cancellation headphones
funny, i invented that when i was a wee kid years ago.. should have patented some tech shouldnt i :/

diabolita23 05-15-07 10:53 AM

Re: noise cancellation headphones

Originally Posted by DarthBeavis
Fly in first class and see what headphones everyone uses . . .that should tell you . . .Bose.

Did you read the article on Bose that I posted below? In my experience first class is full of nouveau riche - not the kind of people I would take advice on electronics from. It's all about image with that set, not about quality. Which fits with the Bose lie perfectly.

russ_3d 05-15-07 11:42 AM

Re: noise cancellation headphones
also, unless its absolutely needed, i wouldnt ever really recommend recreation of the sound artificially, music is too detailed..

a set of decently fitting sealed-back headphones should suffice??

i like open-backed ones better :)

oh, and i bet my ultrasone pwn 1st class bose's

and concorde used sennheisers btw ;)

Chu-Dog 05-15-07 02:57 PM

Re: noise cancellation headphones
Bose all the Way.
I've tried lesser brands, but the Bose are really amazing.
Sound Quality is excellent, but audiophiles i know would look the other way.
Airplanes, Car rides, and even right next to my PC with the fans running on a hot summer day, audio comes in loud and crystal clear.

diabolita23 07-04-07 02:00 PM

Re: noise cancellation headphones
Oh, and here's a video from Otto, not informative as much as pretty funny. Two guys take a box of trendy things and destroy them with a variety of funny methods. My favorite was the giant slingshot they used to destroy the DDR pad/Ps2: http://www.wehatetrendystuff.com/

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